ChillFactor Drinks Bottle!

One of the most fun products we’ve been sent to review is the ChillFactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker which turns an ordinary drink into a slushy at a few squeeze! It’s a far cry from the ‘Mr Frosty’ I was given as a child to produce the same results but never worked! i’d wanted one for ages and then when it turned out to be a whole lot more difficult than the advert suggested, my Mum took it back to the shop! I was very upset and have never forgotten it!

The Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker actually works and produces real slushies which is fab and we were very impressed. After that ChillFactor sent us another of their products, the Ice Cream Maker and again we had lots of fun creating our own ice cream as if by magic after only a few squeezes!

And now ChillFactor have another new product, the drinks bottle which chills your drink in seconds. Simply put the water bag in the freezer and freeze. When ready pour in some water or juice, squeeze and then in seconds your drink will be totally chilled! Great idea for a cool summer drink and of course, as I expected, it does exactly what it says it will!

ChillFactor Drinks Bottle 1

The children loved it as it changes colour after the insert has been in the freezer and when you squeeze it which is what chills your drink. It’s a bit of fun with a purpose as it also has a rather sensible spout which can be drunk of either as that or with a pop up part like a straw. Perfect for tiny tots to have no spills with their ice cold drinks!

We were sent a ChillFactor Drinks Bottle in return for an honest review.


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