Christmas Is Coming!

Is it just me or are the weeks flying past at super break neck speed right now? I remember the advent calendar wait for Christmas taking an interminably long time when I was a child but somehow we’ve gone from the 1st of December to nearly half way through in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure I like that?!

With our upcoming move I could really use time to go a little bit slowly rather than the other way around but yet it keeps on marching on. The date for completion on the sale of our flat and purchase of the new house has been set provisionally for the 15th of January and everyone else in the chain is very keen to exchange before Christmas. I think we’re holding things up because we have a tricky freehold situation. We own the whole freehold so we are selling half to the people who live downstairs and half to the guy buying our place… The solicitor seems to think this is a massive meal but hey, she’s the solicitor with the letters after her name so if something as simple sounding as splitting it in half is actually quite hard then who am I to argue?

I’m feeling quite melanholy about the impending changes to our lives. Florence had a massive melt down on Friday night because one of her teaching assistants left school and moved far away and I can’t help but think her tears for the missed teacher were actually for herself and I don’t blame her. We are going to miss so many people and things. I told her about when I left drama school and thought I’d never see one of my favourite acting teachers ever again. I didn’t for a long time but then I bumped into him on a train and we kept contact for a while, it was lovely to have seen him again because he’d meant so much to me. It was before social media and we lost contact again but just after I’d had Jimmy I was sat watching a Dad and his two boys playing with the puppet theatre at Discover Story Centre in Stratford with the children. I remember thinking ‘WOW, this Dad and his kids are AMAZING performing this puppet show’ and then when they’d finished and came out I saw that it was my old teacher. Then, since this is the day and age of Facebook we’ve been able to keep in contact ever since. I truly believe if people are meant to be in your lives then they will be somehow or other and I THINK this kind of made her feel better. It also made me feel a bit better too. Say what you like about Facebook but without it I’d miss a whole heap of people that I don’t have to!

Florence wrote this song (she made up a tune too) on the black board and it broke my heart a tiny bit...
Florence wrote this song (she made up a tune too) on the black board last week and it broke my heart a tiny bit… It says ‘Oh, oh, I love this house, it’s the most loveliest house I have ever seen in my whole life and I never want to leave but I have to now’…

As well as feeling a little sad lots of things HAVE made me smile over the past couple of weeks:

Buying our Christmas tree and decorating it with the children was an amazing high, we had so much fun and the tree looks absolutely beautiful, Jimmy has been writing me lots of ‘notes’ to tell me he loves me or to say Happy Christmas (they’re gobbledy gook but he’s interested in writing now), Florence performed her little ‘Annie’ heart out at her Girl’s Brigade Christmas show and it was enough to make even a brick wall go ‘awwww’ (somehow she’s STILL the smallest one there my dinky dot), I went foraging on the Wanstead Flats for holly and Ivy and somehow managed to make a respectable Christmas Wreath for the front door, my Christmas shopping is ever so almost complete, most of Florence’s birthday party prep is done and I bought fantastic clip in hair extensions which I am SO pleased with!

The tree in all its glory!
The tree in all its glory!
On stage with her Girl's Brigade!
On stage with her Girl’s Brigade!
My foraged wreath cost about £2.50 to make and I'm rather proud of myself!
My foraged wreath cost about £2.50 to make and I’m rather proud of myself!
They did an 'Annie' compilation and it was absolutely 'Gorgeous'!
They did an ‘Annie’ compilation and it was absolutely ‘Gorgeous’! This is Florence sat next to a friend she has known pretty much her entire life – yet another friend we WON’T be losing touch with when we move!
LOVE my new clip in extensions which I bought for £30 yet I'd have paid more I'm so pleased - they're made by BaBylis!
LOVE my new clip in extensions which I bought for £30 yet I’d have paid more I’m so pleased – they’re made by BaBylis!

As ever, Jimmy has said some utterly fabulous things this week that have had me in stitches!

  1. He has no idea what social media is but he’s obviously heard people talking about it and when I told him off for something the other day he wasn’t very happy about it!

‘Don’t say those words to me, I don’t like them and you’re making me angry. If you say that to me again I’m going to put it on Facebook!’

Seems he knows how to make the ULTIMATE threat!

2.  Talking about the school nativitity where he has been chosen to be ‘Joseph’!

‘So, there’s a little girl called Ida and she’s being Mary and a little boy called ME and he’s being the Joseph’!

Made my heart flip over with squishy love!

3.  Rehearsing his ‘Joseph lines’.

‘I have to say – I’m so worried about Mary but I also have to say I’m so worried about this house, it might burn down Mary but that’s ok because I will buy you a new house and take you to Mulbarton’

Mulbarton is where we’re moving to bless him. I hope he does do a bit of ad-libbing in the nativitiy, it’d             be really funny and sweet!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how the nativity goes in a post next week. I get to see it on Tuesday and can’t wait! Florence was Mary in the nursery nativity but got stage fright and refused to do it ON stage! I just hope history doesn’t repeat itself although Jimmy is a bit of a loon and maverick so I THINK he’ll be just fine! Can’t wait!

She smiled ever so briefly but I knew...
Florence in her starring role as Mary 2 year’s ago! She smiled ever so briefly but I knew… HOPEFULLY this time next week I’ll have a Joesph picture and he WILL have performed his role!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend party people!