Christmas At Shrek’s Adventure!

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Christmas At Shrek’s Adventure!

Shrek’s Adventure on the South Bank in London has had a touch of a festive makeover and a very special guest has set up camp for the season of fun, frolics, ginger bread men and good will to all men. Now when you visit, after taking a trip to Far, far away, battling with Rumple Stiltskin, meeting all your fave characters from Shrek and rescuing the green ogre himself as you laugh out loud on your way around the tour, it doesn’t simply end at the end of the story at Christmas time, oh no it doesn’t, for another chapter awaits in the swamp where Father Christmas has his very own Grotto in the land of far, far away!

The kiddos, mine and those from the Cookie Crumbles and New Mum On Line camps did the tour, which they loved, but they also got to feel the Shrek Christmas magic together by visiting Santa’s Grotto at the end!

On weekend dates between now and Christmas, as well as the 23rd and 24th of December you can add a Grotto experience to your regular ticket for £7.50 (if you’ve already bought your tickets you can still buy grotto entry separately) and in return will be taken by elves, at the end of the tour, to the magical grotto of dreams where the Shrek entertainment continues.

Waiting for Santa being entertained by elves – what could be more fun?!

The actors at Shrek’s Adventure are always SO good with the characters in the grotto being no exception. There may be a little wait to see the man in red but you won’t notice at all with all the funny elves to keep you occupied on the journey. Do the tour then take your grotto ticket to the grotto ticket point at the end where there’s lots of fun things for the children to play with and you’re taken on a special journey to the North Pole!

Us lot at the grotto ticket point surrounded by stars of TV and stage who were also in attendance!
Cookie and I were as excited as the children – we think Emma Bunto was pretty stoked too, you ca just see her hat above us in this picture!
And lucky Florence got to chat to her properly!
Jimmy preferred the stars of Dream Works and spent ages in the play area at the end of the tour not noticing ANY of the celebs in attendance!

When you go in to chat with Father Christmas it’s very magical indeed. Super festive and Santa is just brilliant chatting and entertaining the kiddos. He really listened to them and even though I’ve told my children that they will never, ever, see the REAL Father Christmas on account of him being so busy and that the ones in grottos and shops are all his helpers, I could see they were wondering if I was totally sure about it on this occasion as he did very definitely look like the real deal…

Santas was ace in his grotto at Shrek’s Adventure!

Ah it was great, we all had a brilliant and Christmassy blast and at the end the children were all given a soft toy which they sell in the gift shop for pretty much the same price as the grotto ticket – it’s great fun, a lovely add on to an already fun day and totally good value with the gift at the end.

Recommend. Recommend. RECOMMEND!

Look out for more about Shrek’s grotto on social media from Emma Bunton, Linda Robson, Claire Sweeney, Dan Osborne (Mr Jac Jossa) and read Cookie and Liska’s reviews linked!

We were invited to Shrek’s Christmas Grotto as guests of Shrek’s Adventure.

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