Christmas Tech Ideas!

Christmas Tech Ideas!

Yep, it’s nearly Christmas and the job falls to me to find something that Daddy wants. History has taught me that socks, pants and aftershave don’t really float his boat but just like buying for my boys seems to be a harder job than buying for my little girl, choosing something that my husband really, really wants is proving to be a very elusive task. Perhaps it’s a man thing… I’ve decided to plump for something technical as he’s majorly into gadgets and gizmos and let’s face it, he understands what they all do whereas I need him to help me every single time I want to even Google Chromecast something to the television… I suspect I don’t have a brain wired to the techy side of life but he most certainly does so taking inspiration from all of the Christmas in July press shows I visited in the summer here’s a list of my top 5 things for him this year!

Seeing as I’ve mentioned his love of television streaming I may as well start with something along those lines…

  • We tried out the NVIDIA Shield in the spring and think judging by the reaction I am pretty sure he’d be well into having one of his own! The NVIDIA Shield offers a comprehensive and complete entertainment experience from streaming movies and television programmes to playing hundreds of PC quality games. It’s a television streamer and games console all in one and as it comes with both a television remote and a controller you don’t need to buy anything else to go with it. It sits quietly and unobtrusively on the side and yet offers so much! This is a top buy for any gaming and movie fans like my husband for sure! Bonus is that the kids can use it too! 
  • Next up and I’m going to suggest a VoIP Cordless Phone from PMC Telecom because we actually don’t have a land line phone at the moment at all. We have the line of course but I, of course it was me, put the wrong batteries inside it and kaput it went… I know how irritated Jonny is to not have a house handset to use especially as mobile phone coverage is pretty poor in our village and having done a bit of research into these beuts I think it’s just a case of choosing which one?! The prices are all very reasonable. PMC Telecom offer a wide range of VoIP cordless phones from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including Siemens, Yealink and RTX. Each one can be easily integrated into your existing VoIP system and many don’t even need a PC, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the new purchase into an existing VoIP system. I know that jonny would be over the moon if I pick him up one of these!
  • Next up I’m going to suggest a gift that keeps on giving… I’m not entirely sure that Jonny REALLY wants this for Christmas per se but… When he realises that I will moan a heck of a lot less about ironing his shirts I think he will come around! A Philips Hand Held Steamer would cut the work load in half – I tried one out at a press show in the summer and it is FANTASTIC… Funny how we change as we get older isn’t it… The 1990s me would be appalled that I’d uttered such a suggestion for a Christmas present. Ultimately I’ll be the one that uses it but he will definitely be the one benefiting and I feel that’s incentive enough for a Christmas present don’t you?!
  • Ok so don’t fear, I’ve not completely lost the plot, I shall move on from the mundane household tech and I won’t start talking about vacuum cleaners but instead will move onto something a bit more exciting! We are the Rocknrollerbabies for more than just a name sake as Jonny is a musician so it wouldn’t be fair to not even consider something guitar-ish on his Christmas wish list. A while back we had our garage converted into a music studio for him but I know his age old recording equipment is a bit bulky and not exactly up to date. So… What about this Spire One Touch Recording Studio?! I think he’d go flipping mad for this and as well as being easy to use (cough, cough, for him I mean, not me) it’s nice and compact meaning he can store it away when he’s not using it. 7 guitars, a weighted piano and all the amplifiers he has need to take up the majority of the space so something like this would be PERFECT!
  • And last on my list but definitely not least I am going to suggest a Polaroid camera! I loved all the new ones at the Christmas press shows and I think Jonny would have lots of fun using one with the kids – look how cool they are! Film is pretty inexpensive these days too!

So there we are… The top five techy presents I’d like to buy for Jonny. Hopefully these ideas have helped a little bit if you’re on a quest for a tech fan and I wish you a very happy Christmas shop! Just don’t forget to buy the batteries… Rookie mistakes and all that!

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