Christmas Shopping – Le Sigh!

I can’t believe that I am so behind on everything to do with Christmas! I literally have only bought about three things and everything else is yet to be purchased. In person. Not on line… Because? Well, I’ve obviously left it far too late for that sort of thing.

I think I have my Mum sorted but I can’t divulge as she reads the blog and I do have a Xeno for each of the children thanks to a little bit of work we did with Flair recently but apart from that it is all going to have to come courtesy of some savvy shopping in just a few hours this Friday night at the local shopping centre, thankfully it’s a big one!

On top of Christmas I have birthdays to buy for and this year, I am just going to make it easy. Florence will be getting, now you probably WILL judge me for this, an iPad. I know it’s expensive and I KNOW it’s an extravagance but I have my reasons. She uses mine all the time which is A annoying for me and B means I know what sort of things she likes to do on it. She does love all the fluffy apps where you get to put make-up on Barbies and fluff up the tails of Palace Pets of course but she also really loves the apps which help her learn and there are some pretty good phonics ones so I’m billing it as educational!

Jimmy is easy because all he really wants is to go to London zoo (annual pass) and play with diggers. There’s a building site at Florence’s school and we have to go every day for our daily dose of digger watch which means I know the exact pokey pokey bit (I’m not really a diggerish person so don’t know the real name myself) on the digger he likes best and all I have to do is find a toy one in the shops just the same… Easy, no?

Some smellies from Lush will pad out some gifts, Jonny has stated what he wants from the children and I and I’m afraid both my brothers will be getting something very unoriginal like a gift card (as always)… My sister will need a bit more thought and my Dad and step Mum too. Oh the pain of Christmas shopping, WHY didn’t I do it on line a bit earlier?

At least we got the tree up in early December this year… I love Christmas decorations and buy two or three special ones each year. Next year I will be MUCH more organised when it comes to the present buying… In fact, that may very well be my resolution! Thank goodness the cooking isn’t down to me and my organisational skills eh!

Florence loves decorating our tree (the tree I don't like, I'm all about the real but let's just say we've had a difference of opinion and for some reason (it doesn't happen often) I have lost out on will!
Florence loves decorating our tree. Our actual tree I don’t like, I’m all about the real but let’s just say we’ve had a difference of opinion and for some reason (it doesn’t happen often) I have lost out on will, but I love beautiful decorations!