City Spice – The Best Indian in Brick Lane

City Spice – The Best Indian in Brick Lane

Let me paint a picture of our experience at City Spice, located on the iconic Brick Lane-a restaurant that redefines family-friendly dining with its inviting atmosphere and exceptional cuisine. If you are looking for an amazing, bustling restaurant which is family friendly and has incredibly tasty food then in my opinion, look no further. City Spice has been known to be the Best Indian restaurant on Brick Lane, with diners coming from the likes of Aberdeen, Munich and Stockholm to try their curry, and I can certainly see why!

Brick Lane is an area in Spitalfields, East London which is renowned for the numerous curry houses along the one stretch of road. All these curry houses are next door to each other, so you can imagine the competition, and the desire to be the best is very tough indeed. In the early noughties there used to be some 50 restaurants along this one road. Time has unfortunately weeded out a lot of restaurants and these days, there are approximately 10 restaurants left. City Spice is one of these, and certainly has a claim to being the Best Indian Restaurant on Brick Lane.

City Spice welcomed us with open arms into its vibrant setting. Despite its location in the bustling Brick Lane, the restaurant exudes warmth and hospitality, making it a perfect choice for families looking to enjoy a more elevated dining experience together. Large glass windows on the upper floor allowed my children to be well entertained with the theatrics, street busking and the fashion-trendy people constantly walking past, in this cultural hub of London. City Spice itself is well situated, being moments away from the likes of Liverpool Street, the Van Gogh exhibition, and being the closest to all the vintage shops and attractions along Commercial Street.

Before we go onto the food, special mention must be made to the team. Waiters such as Nasim and Shamim went out of their way to ensure all diners (not just us) were very well accommodated they had a smile which helped put anyone at ease!

Now, onto the stars of our meal—the chicken tikka masala and the house special, black pepper lamb and mushroom. The chicken tikka masala was a symphony of flavours, with tender chicken pieces cooked in a creamy and aromatic tomato-based sauce. It was a hit with both adults and children, offering a perfect balance of flavour and richness. Chef Niaz Caan of City Spice had been featured on Channel 5 no less for his version of the Chicken Tikka Masala, complete with pomegranate seeds and flakes of nuts (optional) which really put a creative spin on this dish. I must say, I can see why Channel 5 call it the best! Chef Niaz Caan also owns Paro Covent Garden in the west end, of which you can see my review here.

The award-winning house special we tried, the black pepper lamb and mushroom, was a delightful surprise. The tender lamb pieces were infused with bold black pepper flavours and complemented by earthy mushrooms, creating a dish that was both comforting and satisfying. It showcased the skilful fusion of spices and ingredients that City Spice is known for and certainly helped reinforce the notion that we chose the right restaurant on Brick Lane to dine in. Aside to this, the chicken tikka starter was moist and flavoursome, the onion bhajis were perfectly crispy, the naans were fluffy and the rices were perfectly steamed, proving that this eatery also gets the basics bang on! This certainly has a claim to being the best Indian on Brick Lane!

Beyond the exceptional food, City Spice impressed us with its attentive service and family-friendly approach. The staff went out of their way to ensure that our dining experience was seamless and enjoyable, adding to the overall charm of the restaurant and we had a delightful time. The clientele visiting the restaurant was varied, from excited tourists incredibly happy to being able to reserve City Spice, to couples, to work colleagues and of course, to families. City Spice has won several awards, the most recent being Opentable Diners Choice for 2023, so the varied make up of the restaurant is clear once you taste the food. Our children were accommodated with ease and the dining experience was stellar.

If you’re seeking a family-friendly restaurant that offers authentic Indian cuisine with a twist, City Spice is a must-visit. It’s a culinary gem in the heart of London, where families can come together to savour delightful dishes like the chicken tikka masala and the house special, black pepper lamb and mushroom, as well as other award-winning dishes such as Gunpowder chicken and Lamb Goa. Our visit to City Spice left us eager to return and explore more of their flavourful offerings, making it a standout choice for families looking to indulge in a memorable dining experience. Is City Spice the best Indian restaurant in Brick Lane – in our minds, of course!

City Spice Brick Lane, 138 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU


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