Paro Covent Garden – Excellent Restaurant in the heart of Theatreland

Paro Covent Garden – Excellent Restaurant in the heart of Theatreland

When you think about a family-friendly restaurant in West End’s theatreland, the immediate thought often goes to fast food—something quick, affordable, and not particularly unique. Perhaps if you have planned accordingly, perhaps a chain Italian. However, as much as those places can serve a need for us, we also cherish our children and enjoy treating them to a touch of sophistication now and then. When buying tickets for a theatre show, which often can be a special occasion, having family dine in a more special and memorable restaurant is something I value highly. The key is choosing the right restaurant; family-friendly doesn’t have to mean just chicken nuggets and fries—it should simply be, well, friendly and cost-effective.

Paro Covent Garden, not long ago, warmly welcomed my family at their restaurant situated as part of the same building of the Lyceum (home of the Lion King). This establishment in the heart of the city might not seem like an obvious choice for kids, yet we’ve never felt more embraced. The food, which I’ll get to shortly, is tailored to children, accommodating their requests and making recommendations that appeal to everyone. Beyond the cuisine, it’s the overall comfort, sense of theatre and welcome we feel there that truly stands out. We have four children, and despite that, we’ve never felt like an inconvenience. We still talk about that initial visit often. Florence fondly remembers the lassi, especially the mango lassi, which she found incredible. The boys eagerly devoured the various sides like poppadoms and nibbles, while for me, the entire experience was nothing short of fabulous. The service and the fact that they create lovely, child-friendly dishes alongside their traditional Southern Asian cuisine truly made our visit memorable. The kids menu at Paro, complete with colouring sheets and colours for little ones, is very commendable.

Let me describe the butter chicken and tandoori grill to you— the dishes we had at Paro Covent Garden.

The butter chicken at Paro Covent Garden is a revelation. It’s rich, creamy, and bursting with flavor—a true indulgence that even our kids couldn’t resist. The tender, marinated chicken pieces are enveloped in a luscious tomato-based sauce that’s perfectly balanced with spices. It’s comfort food elevated to an art form, and every bite is a delight. The children enjoyed it and along with other dishes, the butter chicken is one available on the kids menu.

As for the tandoori grill, it’s a must-try. The meats are impeccably cooked in the traditional tandoor oven, resulting in tender, juicy perfection. The smoky flavor adds depth to every dish, whether it’s the succulent tandoori chicken or the perfectly charred paneer tikka pieces. It’s a feast for the senses and a testament to the mastery of Indian culinary techniques.

These dishes exemplify the culinary excellence at Paro Covent Garden—each bite tells a story of passion, skill, and a deep appreciation for Indian cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to Indian flavors, the butter chicken and tandoori grill are sure to leave a lasting impression, just as they did for our family. Pair with a refreshing cocktail or mocktail (for example the playful Bengal ‘No Gin’ Sling) and the dinner experience is second to none.

Paro Covent Garden, founded by Niaz Caan, a chef at the mere spiffing of 23 years of age no less, aims to offers the flavours of Calcutta, in London. The atmosphere, adorned with exquisite foilage and lovely decorative walls, serves as a tribute to a palatial calcuttan home. Your eyes are constantly drawn to the spectacle, moving from one beautiful object to the next. Every detail, from the bathrooms to the tables, exudes opulence and beauty, much like the food!

Chef Niaz Caan also explores his food with Anglo-Indian roots in the heart of Brick Lane, with the site very aptly named City Spice in Brick Lane. As we’ve said before and maintain, Paro Covent Garden serves exquisite Indian food, and its location is very special indeed, being close to many of the theatres in the West End. Though my husband and I dined well in Mumbai and Goa, nothing quite compares to Paro Covent Garden. Of course, City Spice on London’s iconic Brick Lane is an adventure in itself.

Secure a table at one of Paro Covent Garden’s by visiting

Paro Covent Garden, 21 Wellington Street, London, WC2E 7DN


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