Cocktail Canaries – Postbox Pouches!

Cocktail Canaries – Postbox Pouches!

Cocktail Canaries are a local to me in Norfolk (check out the name) company specialising in creating wonderfully tasty and perfectly balanced cocktails direct to your door in either 50cl bottles or, as we were lucky enough to try out, in a postbox pouch containing 500cl of your chosen cocktail ready to add ice, mixer and a garnish of your choice. The nationwide delivery ensures whether you’re Norfolk based or not you can enjoy a cocktail at home which was created by a bar tender with over 20 years experience in a variety of flavours to suit all tastes – what a fab idea and what an absolutely terrific gift!

I was sent a postbox pouch of their new Tropical Mojito and opened up the garden Tiki Bar to enjoy a glass on Sunday night. Super easy, terribly quick and absolutely delicious!

The pouches are ace, fit through your letterbox and also can be sent back once empties and rinsed so that they can be recycled. Cocktail Canaries say they are constantly thinking of ways to make their products as eco friendly as possible and encourage ordering the pouches to refill your bottles too.

A long shelf life coupled with the fact it can be a completely contactless free delivery through the postbox make it a perfect present for the here and now but actually, if you’re like me and always forget to post things once you’ve bought them then it’s the perfect way to send a gift full stop. Shop, buy and send all from the comfort of your own home!

There’s lots of flavours to choose from and I love the minimal effort to creating an at home cocktail which tastes like one from a bar. This one is simply add a 80ml shot to some crushed ice, top with soda and garnish with mint (I chose pineapple instead) et voila!

What could be more simple than that when it comes to supping cocktails a la Carrie and pals?! I love this idea and will definitely be sending to friends, especially as you can send with a slice of cake too. Plus there’s 10% off when you join their mailing list. A pouch of Tropical Mojito, which gives you enough for just over 6 cocktails costs £34 which works out at just £4 per perfectly poured drink (no matter how good your cocktail making skills)! Pretty brilliant huh, now we just need some actual sunshine to match my sunshiny cocktail and we’ll be in full summer mode!

I was gifted the cocktail pouch by Cocktail Canaries for collaboration.