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When I had Florence I had no idea what colic was. Not a clue. Then suddenly, as she got worse and worse in the evenings with crying and seeming to be in pain, the word colic became pretty familiar!

She would start at about 6pm and cry, cry, cry until midnight… sometimes later… There was literally nothing I could do to soothe her and ultimately for those first couple of weeks, I would end up crying with her not knowing what to do? I rocked her, I cuddled her, fed her and played music to her but she was in pain and would go red, bringing up her knees and scrunching her fists. I tried winding her but to no avail. It was such a frustrating time.

Ruth and Florence Baby Post

I remember being so happy but tired when I took this selfie of me with my newborn Florence!

People kept telling me about Infacol, they said it was perfectly safe and would help. Infacol is licensed for the treatment of infant colic, wind and griping pain and it contains simeticone. I was totally worried about using it and didn’t, for some ‘new Mum’ strange reason, want ANYTHING going in her system that wasn’t breast milk so I resisted. Actually, Simeticone is completely harmless, as of course it would be for a tiny baby, and just works as an anti foaming agent by joining small bubbles of trapped gas to form bigger bubbles which are easier to expel as wind.

Eventually, after not knowing what else to do, I gave in! And after a couple of days, it works on a build up effect so you give a drop before every feed, it started to work and instead of my red faced, angry and in pain baby, I had a calmer bundle of joy resulting in a calmer me. I won’t say it was all plain sailing because she still didn’t sleep but having a baby in visible pain and crying is very distressing. Having a baby who won’t sleep because they want to feed instead is tiring but not at all the same! I was very grateful to Infacol which I even got on prescription for free and now know that I should have used it earlier.

When Jimmy came along I was asked if we’d like him like to be in some Infacol demonstration videos with midwife (and friend of mine), Nikki Khan. Even though he didn’t have colic himself I absolutely agreed to the videos because I think it’s important to get the message out there that Infacol helps with colic when nothing else does! I’m not sure if Jimmy would have got colic or not because I didn’t give it a chance to occur, he had Infacol from the off! He’s a bit bigger these days but this was Jimmy in one of the Infacol videos he was in when he was 9 weeks old!

Colic affects up to one in four babies who show the same symptoms Florence did when she was a newborn. Evening crying as if in pain, with very little to help soothe. I know first hand how upsetting it is to be a first time Mum and have a baby with this so it’s no wonder colic is in the top three concerns of new Mums visiting the Doctor. I’m sure I did it, I practically LIVED at the surgery when Florence was born because I needed so much reassurance about everything!

I was speaking to friends yesterday who have a new baby and at five weeks in they are very tired! We’ve all been there! They asked me about colic and said they weren’t sure if their baby has it or not. From what they described I’d say it’s a pretty good guess that she has and I told them about Infacol. The Mummy, just like I was, is concerned about putting something in her baby’s system which isn’t breast milk. Goes to show I’m not the only one who had that concern. I did my best to reassure her that Infacol is really harmless and very good and then today I sent them a text message with the address of this new website from Infacol,

The website is open 24/7 and offers advice to all worried parents with a colicy baby! Midwife Nikki Khan offers her advice and support and it is a new way for parents to get immediate help when they need it! The virtual colic clinic app will answer all questions you might have and help to provide you support as well as helping to determine if your baby actually has colic or not. As far as I’m concerned it sounds like a great idea!

Infacol sent me some relaxing goodies as a thank you for supporting them with the launch of their new site but I can honestly say I would have posted about this regardless of any incentive. This is a product which helped me tremendously and I would have definitely used this site so I’m very happy to shout about it. Nonetheless, the goodies are in my possession and they will be enjoyed.

Infacol Chocolate Post

Florence enjoying the hot chocolate sent to me by Infacol!

I of course HAD to give my once little colicy baby my mug of hot chocolate because hot chocolate, at now age 4 is, her favourite! Who better to share it with! She may have kept me up all night for years (still does sometimes) and never been a fabulous sleeper but let me tell you this, all the sleepless nights are totally worth it and one other little piece of advice I would give to any new Mummy experiencing the seemingly never ending round of nights is this… The hard bit at the beginning really doesn’t last forever and soon enough you’ll be looking back wondering where that tiny newborn went! It keeps getting better and better with every age and exciting milestone but it’s SO worth enjoying the newborn moments and not having them marred with colic when they don’t have to be!

I was sent some relaxing goodies in return for promotion of the new Virtual Colic Support Centre but all opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. I too found Infacol was the only way to settle my daughter after she was suffering from colic.

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