Octonauts And The Deep Sea Adventure – Coming Soon!

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A couple of Florence’s friends are heavily into the CBeebies show Octonauts but Florence is absolutely not. She tried to watch it once, I think wanting to enjoy it because he pals do, but admitted half way though it’s just not for her. I think a lack of anything girlie is simply not her bag and she thinks of it as a ‘boys programme’ even though she knows girls who love it… C’est las vis and each to their own!

So, Octonauts has only recently touched my radar really as Jimmy, a real boy’s boy, is well and truly a fan! He doesn’t get control of the television often but I always make sure we keep octonauts on for him because he thinks it’s absolutely brilliant and gets really excited when it comes on! Florence is getting used to it I think and doesn’t ALWAYS leave the room when it’s on nowadays!

Well anyway, after our brilliant trip to see CBeebies Live! The BIG Band yesterday and seeing how much Jimmy loved the show and then hearing that the Octonauts will be touring with ther very own production starting in October 2014 and running until Autumn 2015 I think I can safely say I know at least one little boy who will be holding his hand up to go and see it! In fact, I’m pretty sure Florence would want to see the live show too, she like me, loves the theatre and even though it might not be her top subject choice I’m sure she’ll enjoy it!

CBeebies Live Post Octonauts

Jimmy loved the CBeebies Live experience yesterday so I feel certain he will want to see one of his favourite shows, The Octonauts, on their live tour too!

Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano is a brand new full-length theatre adventure for children based on the popular CBeebies’ TV show, Octonauts! It will open at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford, on Thursday 16 October and tour into 2015. Autumn tour dates are announced today!

In Octonauts and the Deep Sea Volcano Adventure the entire crew of the Octonauts, led by intrepid explorer Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and Medic Peso, embark on an exciting new underwater quest and visit amazing underwater worlds full of adventure, with surprises around every corner. This action-packed interactive show features new music (from BAFTA-award winning composer Mani Svavarsson) and all the Octonauts live on stage for the very first time.

Richard Lewis adapts and directs this new production for the stagefollowing on from his recent projects, the hugely popular three Peppa Pig stage shows and last year’s Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom tour. Matt Lewis is lyricist, Simon Scullion is designer, Matt Haskins is lighting designer and Ian Horrocks Taylor is sound designer.

For more information please see www.octonautslive.co.uk.


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  1. Oh wow!! This sounds great, I will definitely have to look out for it for my boys I know they would love it!
    I’m so disappointed we missed Cbeebies live, we had it planned in for ages then got double booked with a last minute holiday opportunity but hopefully next year we can make it to cbeebies live and octonauts live!

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