Colief Breathe Easy Patch – Soothe Naturally!

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Colief Breathe Easy Patch – Soothe Naturally!

As a parent you will be familiar with the concept of filling your bathroom with steam in the middle of the night in order to try and soothe the airways of a bunged up little one. We all know that drill when they are struggling to breathe their way through a cold, needing us to make it better somehow… Any how… Just so that everyone can get back to sleep. And I think those nights can be some of the hardest you know… When they’re poorly but there’s nothing paracetamol can do for the common cold and it’s simply exacerbated by lying down.

We stay up with them, prop them up with pillows, try and leave oils on hankies nearby to them but not on their clothing as it’s too strong and then the hanky gets disappeared in amongst the covers just as they drift off and turn over which leaves them bunged up again and awake… A vicious cycle of never ending time not sleeping (anyone) in the night… Red, angry faces and hot little fists clasping your own wishing they could just feel a tiny bit better…

And when you’ve three children it’s not just the washing load which increases like there’s an army of them… These colds just KEEP on coming. Are they passed from one to another and then back again or is it because there’s more people going to more places and being exposed to more germs? I don’t know but we’ve spent a heck of time this past winter all being under the weather, bunged up, suffering with sinus issues, blocked ears… Oh all sorts, and… The colds… The ones which take you all down like a sniper and leave you with a significant deficit into the tissue supplies – they’re simply the worst! I wish I could say it was just winter we had to deal with them but again, if you’re a parent you’ll know that simply isn’t true. Summer colds will be coming as thick and fast I’m afraid so I’m pleased we have our trusty Colief Breathe Easy Patches in well stocked supply inside our medicine cabinet because they may not be able to cure the pesky bugs but they sure as heck allow for some easier breathing! And that… Is worth its weight in gold!

My ‘sniffles’ bag is never empty of a pack of these!

Colief Breathe Easy Patches come in packs of 6, gift a soothing solution for easier breathing, last 8 hours (hallelujah – a whole night’s sleep covered), stick directly onto clothing so they can’t get lost and they include only natural ingredients making them perfectly safe to have near the kiddos skin!

How do they work?


The unique blend of natural ingredients like Mentha Piperita Oil, Citrus Limon Oil and Eucalyptus Globulus Oil are mixed together and impregnated into the patch which is removed from its packaging much like a plaster and with one side sticky this means it can be placed on pyjamas or night dresses near to the chest area. Body heat will then gently allow the oils to release their essential vapours to soothe the child’s airways as they drift off to sleep and stay there as the effects will be beneficial for up to 8 hours. Now my kiddos don’t sleep for 8 hours (more’s the pity) but the offer is there should they ever wish to take it up!

Why do I rate them?

The Colief Breathe Easy Patch is designed for children over the age of three making them perfect for my big two to be able to administer themselves. Jimmy in particular suffers with blocked noses fairly frequently and as a result has a lot of nose bleeds. Because of this I have the patches as an essential on hand remedy for him at all times. He keeps a pack in his bedroom so that he can easily access one if he wakes in the night blocked up – this saves me doing it for him and getting up myself of course but it also saves me a fair amount of washing bed sheets after a nose bleed.

My little babe Jimmy – he’s 7 next month and perfectly capable of using the patches on his own! This was him mid cold, bedded up on the sofa watching TV, just last week where he used the patches in the day time as well as at night!

When Jimmy went off to Beaver’s Camp over the Easter break he had an extensive list of things he had to take with him. It was his first ever camp and he was adamant he needed everything exactly as the list asked. A roll mat to sleep on with a sleeping bag, a cuddly toy, some cakes to share, night clothes, a torch, hat, gloves, walking boots (they did a hike) and lots and lots of other things as well as a personal medical kit for any ailments he might have. Now there’s not a lot of medical equipment I’d send to be within the paws of Jimmy but I cobbled together a pack of tissues, anti bac wipes, ONE sachet dose of infant paracetamol, some plasters and of course his breathe easy patches! He was suffering with a blocked nose at the time, nothing serious and nothing to stop him going on camp as he was perfectly fine in the day time, but I would have worried about him over night if he’d not had the patches to take with him. He used one on his jarmies just after they all got ready for bed and despite me being awake at home all night wondering if he was ok, he was beyond happy when we picked him up at lunch time the next day having slept really well. Now that’s a good job done!

Off to Beaver’s camp with his Colief Breathe East Patches in his personal medical kit amongst about eleven million other items for his SINGLE night away!

The patches are great – really worthwhile having and can be bought on the high street – they’re in Superdrug in packs for 6 like we have for £3.99.

So that’s my best tip to keep the sniffles in check once they arrive (no one wants sleepless nights let’s face it) but I also have some tips for fending them off in the first place:

  • Have individual packets of tissues and discard them once they’ve been used properly in the bin – if they hang around they breed the germs – yuck!
  • Eat lots of fruit and veg to keep a healthy immune system!
  • Make sure kiddos take supplements if they don’t eat well (like Jimmy) – Colief do brilliant Vitamin D3 drops suitable for infants and children that don’t taste badly and are gone in a second on the tongue!
  • Teach them to wash their hands thoroughly – I mean it’s not just colds… Again parents you will be familiar and I’ll just say the one word and nothing more. ‘WORMS’ (we’ve all been there)!
  • Keep hydrated – make sure they’re drinking enough water. It really helps!
Any more advice for keeping the bugs at bay peops? Vitamin supplements are an essential in my house for ALL three of mine – we use a multi vitamin and then also these Colief Vitamin D3 drops which are to promote healthy bones and teeth as well as giving the immune system an extra boost!

This drug at deserves attention because it is effective in the treatment of such troubles as neurosis / panic attacks / panic (anxiety) disorder.

This post is in collaboration with Colief.


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