BeWILDerwood Launches The Towering Treetop Tangles!

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BeWILDerwood Launches The Towering Treetop Tangles!

I’ve long said, on many a post, a story or a grid pic that BeWILDerwood is the best day out in the county then I’ve corrected myself and said that actually, I wholeheartedly believe it to be the best in the country! I’ve waxed lyrical about this place so much ever since Florence was a baby that I have followers in other countries who send me messages every time we go to say how they wish they could visit. There’s one family in Australia who tell me over and over that they want to come to the UK for BeWILDerwood alone and frankly I think they’re on the right track. Who needs Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament when you’ve a BeWILDerwood a knocking?! And… I also have plenty of messages from us folk here in the UK asking if I think it’s worth a drive say for 4 hours to make the park?

Bet you can guess my answer?

I mean I obviously follow it up with a ‘but you must come and stay in Norfolk for a few days so that you can catch crabs from the pier in Cromer, shop on Norwich market and take a boat up the Broads…’ but yeah… I think a drive of four hours is totally worth it for BeWILDerwood, even if you have to turn on your heels at the end of the day, exhausted with the fun of fresh air and freedom, a drive for another four hours to get home again!

I guess we’re lucky though… Because it’s a mere half an hour in the car and the Be-fill-your-boots-with-wonder-wood is a hop, skip and a jump through the trees for us!

I LOVE this place that author Tom Blofeld built around his fairy tales and the best bit is that even when it’s busy we have never had to queue for more than a few minutes to get on the zip wires… It is filled with them though, from tiny baby ones to adult zoomers and with slides just as thrilling and tree top walkways, den building, mazes (on the ground and at the top of the trees), play equipment to beat all play equipment, crafting, face painting and more… SO MUCH MORE, who wouldn’t love it?!

I’ve written about it many times and recently, at the beginning of the year, we went for a visit to see the new structure, the Towering Treetop Tangles! It had softly launched and I wrote about our day here. This past weekend however and the Towering Treetop Tangles opened with mighty fanfare and party! We were there of course and so… At the risk of repeating myself on the same subject I decided to SHOW you a day at BeWILDerwood with their wonderful new structure and I vlogged our day of fun in favour of blogging it… What you have now of course, now that I’ve started putting pen to paper to ignite the flames of my YouTube review and introduce it with a mere sentence or two… Is BOTH! So you’ve read the build up (I can’t help it mate, I’m wordy, what can I say?) and now you need to see the video… And… Without further ado, over to YouTube for a day in the visit of BeWILDerwood with her new Towering Treetop Tangles!

YouTube player

We had a wonderful time at the soiree to launch BeWILDerwood’s Towering Treetop Tangles as you can see from the video (music by @Rocknroller Daddy by the way) but if you would prefer to read some full and total write ups of the day then please go check out the words of CookieCrumbles, Boo, Roo and Tigger Too, Dinky PixMummy Constant and Big Family Little Adventures!

Oh and do see more about BeWILDerwood on my own Instagram page (@Rocknrollerbaby) where the video is also posted to IGTV!

I’ll leave you with some of my fave pictures from the day!

We attended BeWILDerwood on this occasion as guests of the park.


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