Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub!

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Colief Breathe Easy Vapour Rub!

We’ve had a weekend of the sniffles – inevitable after 6 months away from any germs and now being back at school so all three kiddos have a cold. The big two are great and capable of blowing their noses and expressing how they feel – Raffie, not so much! But there’s not that many products you can use to assist with a stuffy nose for someone so little and sleepless nights are on the cards if he can’t breathe properly so this time we have been using a new product by Colief and I can confirm, though it’s not a complete cure for the cold, it absolutely does work when making breathing easier, especially at night!

Poor Raffie has really struggled the past few days and has been sniffing constantly as he tries to clear his nose to breathe easier!

Having used Colief products since Florence was a baby I have never had any qualms about how well they work – the Infant Drops to help a colicky baby quite literally saved us in the beginning of being new parents for the first time and I have since gone on to use their scalp oil for cradle cap, Mum to Be cream for stretch marks (I don’t have any – tra la la la la) and a little while back we discovered the Breath Easy patches which are absolutely fabulous for Jimmy who is constantly with cold – he’s just one of those boys! I love with the patches he can apply them to his clothes himself and at age 8 he’s absolutely capable of doing that.

Little Jimmy getting in some kip aided by his Colief Breathe Easy patch which we ALWAYS use since discovering them!

I’d love to be able to use the patches for Raffie too of course but until recently he’s been under the recommended age of 3+ and we just haven’t been able to so, for him I’ve always put a blob of adult vapour rub into a bowl of hot water near to where he sleeps worrying that the guidance say not to be used on children’s skin and not wanting to deviate from that! In step, just in time for cold season, Colief’s new Breathe Easy Vapor Rub which is suitable to be used on a baby’s skin from 3 months! BRILLIANT!

With having this vapour rub as part of the Colief Breathe Easy collection it means we can now rub it directly onto Raffie’s chest which is exactly where you need a vapour rub to be – we’ve all been there and being unable to sleep because of being blocked up is the worst. I hated hearing him try and try and try to sniff but being unable to breathe through his nose properly and I know this new rub has helped him on the past three nights already -where he’s had the sniffles in the extreme and that’s worth its weight in gold!

It comes in a little roll up like a lipstick and is the consistency of one too!
He likes to have a sniff before we apply it! It’s a eucalyptus and menthol smell which is very soothing – I use a vapour rub for myself which is stronger when I have a cold but for babies and toddlers this is by far enough and all they need!

The ingredients are all natural and that’s what makes it safe for a baby’s skin and it works by releasing the essential vapours as the skin warms the rub up. It doesn’t need to be applied more than once in the morning and once in the evening as it lasts a really long time and though Raffie was reluctant to let me try it on him the first time he immediately felt the benefits and now is very happy for me to apply it to him. I think he first thought oh no, here we go with something like the sun cream again (he HATES that and is NEVER willing) but obviously knows this has a benefit he can feel and see!

Even a smile!

I was given an absolutely TOP TIP on Instagram over the weekend too – if you rub some on their feet then put socks on top to keep it protected then this helps them no end. I don’t know why it works and neither did the person who recommended the technique but it VERY definitely had a positive effect so we do that now too!

Don’t know why but it helps! It really does!

So all in all we are pretty pleased with the Breathe Easy Vapour Rub. Technically with Raffie turning three on Friday he could have a patch (he’d pick it off) but I think we will stick with this and it is SO good to know when the new baby comes I will only have to wait until he or she is 3 months old to use it. It’s beyond sad watching a tiny baby struggle with a blocked up nose and those plug ins and bowls of water just never seem to cut it – this will!


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