Have A Motivated, Happy and Healthy Winter!

Have A Motivated, Happy and Healthy Winter!

I don’t know about you but the winter makes me feel like hunkering down, wearing cosy knits and not worrying too much about exercise or healthy eating. After a while though it does make me feel rather sluggish and come the spring I’m always kicking myself about not working out harder and having a better diet. Obviously there’s a brief flurry in January, just after the excess of Christmas, but mainly I go back to hibernating with a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s by the fire when it’s cold outside but not this year!

We love getting toasty feet on the fire!

This time the seasonal weather has taken a dip I find myself pregnant and unable to find much motivation for much at all but I am forcing myself to eat sensibly (when I can eat, the pregnancy sickness is dire) and to still exercise. I think Joe Wicks was right all through lockdown by saying that you need to get up and get moving to get the day started properly as on the days when we didn’t join him for an on line work out we definitely felt more tired and had less enthusiasm. Life is for living and if starting the day with a bit of exercise is the way to go to get living our best lives then I’m all in!

Exercise boosts endorphin releases, and endorphins are what give you that feel-good factor and your after workout buzz. These endorphins help you to stay happy, healthy and feeling more motivated. We could all do with this type of boost in the winter, couldn’t we!

Get motivated!

It’s not easy to start sometimes, it never is but I’m a firm believer of the vicious cycle Vs the green cycle. The less you do, the less you want to do and vice versa and once you hit that green cycle train and actually start to eat less, move more and create a healthy balance in life (because we do all ned treats) then you’re on it and it’s easy to stay the distance!

The winter is not a time to get bogged down with life, just because the leaves are gone from the trees doesn’t mean they won’t be back and not enjoying a season because it gets dark early and the sun rises late is just silly. Think of the hours in the day time that you’re missing when the sun IS up – even if it rains there’ll be a rainbow at the end of it!

I’ve been finding it hard to find my motivation but I’m going to put the effort in from now on and have a happy, healthy and motivated winter – what about you?!