Modern Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Modern Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

We had some pretty unpleasant experiences when we lived in a Victorian terraced house in London. The area, the East End, wasn’t perhaps the most salubrious of locations and on more than a couple of occasions people tried to break into our flat. It was a house converted into two and we had the upstairs, which might have made us feel a little more secure except our downstairs neighbour had a flat roof just outside our bedroom window and (would you believe?!) people would actually climb on top of it to try and get in! Another time, someone scaled the wall to try and gain entry via the children’s bedroom and then of course there was the time when someone brazenly tried to come in through the front door. They made it to the shared hallway but, thankfully, didn’t manage to get through the next door leading straight into our home. They had a good go though so a secure door replacement was absolutely necessary!

This was our first front door – the one which gave me the fear and made me know we needed to take security very seriously. Standing outside it for a school pic is one thing, being safe behind it is the main point!

I loved living in London at the time, but those incidents make me shudder and, despite us now living in a leafy Norfolk village, the fear of that stays with me. These things could happen anywhere after all, so front door security was top of my list when we moved into our lovely big house. Is it any wonder?!

My Mum bought us this lovely bumblebee door knocker as a housewarming present and it’s been there since the day we moved in – we also made sure that the door it sits on is 100% able to keep us safe inside!

It’s not just doors that we needed to be safe in our new home. After waking in the night to find someone trying to prize our old bedroom window open with their hands at a time when I was alone with the children in our flat, it has stayed with me that we must have secure windows too. We have a conservatory at the back, more of a garden room really but it has a LOT of windows and a big bifold door. Before we could sleep in the house everything had to be made secure and safe because you can never be too security conscious when it comes to protecting your family. Obviously I ma a stickler for detail and need everything to look nice too though so it all took a bit of planning and prep.

Decent window and door showrooms near me

There is a great windows, doors and conservatories showroom in Ipswich, not too far from us in Norfolk, where you can go and see everything first, Have a play with the locks, check out how sturdy they are and make decisions on aesthetics which is great when you have an eye for design, as well as one for safety. I wonder if perhaps I used to think a safe and secure door meant an ugly one, but I definitely don’t now! SEH BAC will talk you through the thousands of installations they make, recommend something perfect for you and your family and while you are in the showroom you can really get a feel for exactly the right things to make your home safe, secure and a place to be comfortable.

Once you shut that front door of an evening, your only worries should be lighting a fire, cooking a yummy supper and snuggling down safely with your family for the evening. The perfect way to end any day, don’t you think?!

On the doorstep of a happy home. No place we’d rather be!