Common Problems Mums Face When Your Kids Go To School

Common Problems Mums Face When Your Kids Go To School

Certain times in your life will stand out above all the rest. Giving birth to your children, your child’s first steps and their first word are huge life events. But, one that perhaps doesn’t get as much attention is the first day of school. At some point, your kids will be old enough to head off into primary school. As a mother, this gives you a whole host of conflicting emotions. Happiness is the overriding one, but there’s also a sense of loss. Your child is growing up before your very eyes. Up to this point, you’ve spent every second of their life together. Having them out of the house can be a huge change that’s hard to get used to. 

In fact, many mums struggle with this transitional stage of life. You’re so used to the routine of looking after your child that it’s weird when they’re no longer with you. As this post’s title suggests, I’ll talk about a few common issues mums face when their child goes to school. Then, we can look at ways of coping with these problems. 


While you’re undoubtedly happy that your child is starting school, you can’t help but feel anxious for them. What’s happening to your little baby? Are they making friends? Are they finding it alright? No parent wants to see their child come home in tears complaining about school. It can make you extremely anxious, which puts you on edge until they’re back. 

Anxiety is common, and there are lots of ways you can deal with it. The first is to recognise that these feelings are perfectly natural for a mother to have. Secondly, you need to find ways to relax. These days, CBD gummies for anxiety are a popular supplement to try, and meditation is always highly recommended. I’ll link a video below to a quick meditation routine you can try. It’s supposed to be good at decreasing your anxiety, so do it whenever you start getting worried at home. An excellent alternative would be to use the Blue Lotus, a mood booster to lessen your anxiety. Consider looking up Blue Lotus at for this incredible product.

It’s weird because the anxiety you feel is for your child, not yourself. Your kid might be over the moon at starting school; it’s probably the best time of their lives. Yet while they’re having fun, you’re at home worrying your head off. It doesn’t make sense, but this is the reality for lots of mums. When you love your children so deeply, it’s normal to be worried and anxious when they first move out from under your wing. 


Depression goes hand in hand with anxiety. Again, many mums feel depressed when their child goes to school. It boils down to a few different factors that can vary from mum to mum. Firstly, you’re slightly depressed because you got used to their companionship. Now, you’re alone and feel as though everyone has left you. This can kind of make you feel a bit worthless. While this is obviously not the case, it’s easy to see why a mum can feel that way. You get used to your role as the person that looks after the kids. So, when they no longer need your help, it lives you with no clear role in the family. You’ll soon realise this is silly, but it’s hard to get over at the time.

Another reason for your depression is that it feels like life is catching up with you. When you have a baby, you still feel quite young and free. Then, they go to school, and you’re faced with the reality that time waits for nobody. Everything’s moving too fast, and you’re scared that you don’t have enough time to achieve your life goals. To make matters worse, you have lots of time on your hands, which is why you start overthinking like this! 

Dealing with depression is no easy feat. If you don’t address the problem, it will get worse and worse. I think the best approach is to understand why you feel this way. As I’ve just mentioned, it’s mainly due to feelings of worthlessness or underachievement. So, focus on tackling these feelings! Consider getting a new job and work full-time once again. It gives you a new sense of purpose and proves that you still have lots to achieve. 


Yes, boredom is a problem that all mums suffer from when their children grow up. It’s funny because you complain about how busy you are when your kids are young, then miss it when they’re in school. Your days can be spent with very little to do, leaving you in a state of pure boredom. Naturally, this puts you in a prime state to start worrying and overthinking. Hence, you end up with the previous two issues. 

I’ve already mentioned one way you can tackle your boredom; get a job. Some mums love this idea, while others don’t want to spend their whole day working, only to be a mum again when the kids get home. What about blogging? It’s a very good way of keeping yourself entertained while being productive. Exercising is another idea, or you could make an effort to reconnect with your friends. 

If you have friends with kids the same ages as yours, they’ll be in the same position. So, it’s good to connect and meet up as much as possible. Stop thinking about this as a depressing event, and consider the benefits. You have more free time to do whatever you like! You put the work in for many years, so you’ve earned a few relaxing days. 


The problem with boredom is that it leads to laziness. When you’re bored, your natural reaction is to do nothing. You lie on the sofa and watch Netflix all-day-long. It’s so easy to slip into lazy habits, which are going to harm your health. 

Obviously, you should avoid this at all costs. The ideas mentioned in the previous two points help you do that. Get yourself into a proper routine where you’re up at a set time and get things done. Clearly, you still need to help the kids prepare for school, so that gets you up at a reasonable time. Then, go for a run or go to the gym after dropping them at school. From here, you could go for a quick coffee or do some shopping. Having a routine will stop you from lazing about doing nothing! 

It might be helpful to take up a hobby. Join a club – yoga is very popular amongst mothers. Taking up a hobby means you will never be bored ever again. There’s always something to do, and you can make it an active hobby as well. So, you kill two birds with one stone; get rid of boredom and stay active. 

Before I end this article, there are two key points to clarify. Firstly, all of these things mainly relate to stay-at-home-mums. If you’ve been working the entire time, your child going to school won’t trigger anything different in your life. Those of you that have been at home looking after the kids will feel the biggest impact. This is when it becomes a tricky time as your entire life literally gets flipped around! 

The second thing is that this is definitely a happy time! I know it looks like I’ve made this out to be a horrible moment in your life, but it isn’t. You will be happy that your child is in school, and you’ll love seeing them in their little uniform. It’s just that this can also trigger many emotions that are hard to deal with. Don’t worry, it gets better with time.