Bingo fun for all the family in new videos

Looking for a game which the whole family can enjoy together? Something that’s fun and easy to understand with simple rules that individuals of any age can pick up? Well, how about bingo?

As a popular game enjoyed throughout the country, bingo is an ideal family activity and some new video clips available on YouTube are showing you why!

In a new campaign from leading bingo brand Costa Bingo, all 90 of the bingo calls used to announce the numbers of the game have been given visual representations. Published as 90 short video clips, players now have a definitive guide to learning the bingo lingo at the touch of a button.

The clips were filmed by people like you and me and all take different approaches. Some star friends and families who act out certain tasks while others, like this example for number 47, use colourful letters and digital wizardry.

All the videos are family-friendly and are great to watch with your little ones. The clip above can help youngsters recognise and identify key numbers when learning to count while many of the other videos help them to understand certain words or become more accustomed to colours or actions.

With all of the videos available to view, you and the family can learn what each of the 90 bingo calls is – and all while enjoying some family time and reaping many other educational benefits.

After that, you can try playing a game together on or in your own home.

In association with Costa Bingo.