Count Down To Christmas – HappyLand Circus!

I talk about HappyLand from The Early Learning Centre on my blog all the time because I absolutely love it! It encourages ‘small world play’ which is a vital part of children’s development and the toys are all such super quality and built fantastically well! As far as I’m concerned you can’t have too many HappyLand characters and houses and with the range being as extensive as it is there is something to interest every personality! Whether you like whimsical mice in a tea-pot, people travelling on a bus, standard doll house play, space men in space ships or farm-yard characters, then the range is for you. The things I have mentioned are merely just a touch upon how many things there are in the range; there’s simply masses to choose from but the one theme running through the whole collection is the standard and quality as well as the colours and fab character people!

I love the way they always stay current as well and bring out sets which are topical! Florence, who was jubilympic crazy, was thrilled with her ‘Queen’s Jubilee’ set and now the queen rides the bus with all the other HappyLand folk in her collection!

DSCF0777 DSCF0385

Florence loves the bus and her Queen set!

Florence plays with her collection every single day and Jimmy is also a bit of a fan of the people much to Florence’s chagrin! He loves to hold them and chew on them so we’re going to get him some people of his own for Christmas! And for Florence it’s going to be the HappyLand Circus! It’s just up her street and I’ve already had a little play with it so I know she’s going to be thrilled! The whole set (which is on offer at only £10 at the moment!) comprises:

A play mat which is also a jigsaw puzzle and provides the floor of the ‘Big Top’!

A catapulter with a lever to pull which shoots a HappyLand character into the air.

A character with a helmet ripe for the catapult!

A hoop for the character to fly through after being catapulted!

A Ring Master character.

A Clown Character.

A Character on stilts.

A truck.

This set is SO much fun and even better is that it doesn’t require batteries. I love the way the little dude with the helmet is catapulted into the air by the catapult which has a lever to pull down which then pushes the character up, out and into the air! It’s fun and will be a brilliant addition to her collection! It’s especially good that there is a ‘Big Top’ floor scene to be put together with puzzle pieces and then played on with the set! Florence has been to the circus so she knows all about it and will love to play with this!

The HappyLand Circus!

If you’re unsure about buying any particular HappyLand set then it might be worth popping down to one of the stores where they have lots out for you to play with. We live near the Edmonton store and Florence always has a blast playing in there too! It’s a particularly big store so has lots to offer with playing (they even have giant HappyLand characters) but my Mum lives in Norwich where there is quite a small store and they still have lots of toys out to have a go with. It’s always good to have a play first and ELC are confident enough, as they should be, to let you do this! I’ll be back to let you know how Florence (and Jimmy, I’m sure) get on with the circus set!


Florence having a play with the HappyLand collection in our local store!


She loves these giant HappyLand characters they have in store too!

For more information on the HappyLand Circus, other HappyLand toys I’ve mentioned and the entire Early Learning Centre range please see the website