Be A Busy Mummy With Bizziebaby!

Ever heard of Bizziebaby? I’m sure if you’re a Mum and you look for reviews before you buy anything then you absolutely will have done but if you haven’t yet been introduced may I do the honours now?

Way before I started blogging and reviewing products for my blog I liked the idea of being a road tester for baby products and a friend of mine introduced me to this company, Bizziebaby, who for a five-pound yearly membership would send me products to review and then be published on their site! I immediately signed up and was sent some massage oil, followed by a stair gate, followed by some nursing lingerie. I didn’t have a platform to publish my own reviews at that point or the resources. Bizziebaby did everything for me: found the product, sent it to me and then when it came to the writing they provided me with a comprehensive questionnaire to complete and I didn’t have to do too much thinking about what to write! It was a great way to get into it and actually, even if you don’t want to review stuff all the time it’s just a really nice thing to do from time to time. Not only do you get to keep the products you’re sent throughout the year (they will always be worth more than your initial fiver) but you get to use their website for your own perusal when making any purchases. (Amongst many things I might add!)

Like I said, they are a review website and have comprehensive reviews of all the baby products you can imagine which are all tested by people like you and me, the people whose opinion counts, the Mums! On top of that they offer exclusive discounts in their on-line shop! It’s not just baby things either but things for the whole family have been reviewed and can be up for review by perhaps you?!

One of the things they are doing now, on top of everything else they offer, is running weekly polls on their facebook page to find out what we really think about stuff! There’s also often the chance to win things in their competitions!

Bizziebaby have not asked me to write this post and nor have they paid me to do so. I really love this company and what they offer so just wanted to share! Happy reviewing guys!