Count Down To Christmas – ELC Dress-UP!

Florence is a massive fan of dressing up and has a collection of outfits which she plays with loads. They’re fab toys because they don’t take up much room when folded and in the toy box and provide hours of entertainment requiring them to use their imagination! I’m not overly keen on cheapy ones which fall apart, it seems like a false economy to me; instead I prefer to use ones from The Early Learning Centre because they’re still not wildly expensive but they are made exceptionally well and don’t fall apart!

Ever since Jimmy was born Florence has loved to play ‘delivering babies’. The product of having a home birth with the older child in the house I guess but I love it and it’s super sweet watching her make Jonny give birth and assisting him from her capacity as midwife/Doctor and nurse! She was desperate for a Doctors set so Jonny bought her one on eBay but the case cracked and half the tools broke within a day. It wasn’t even that cheap if I’m honest but it wasn’t good quality, I should have gone to ELC. So, when we were in there a while back we bought her the dress-up Doctors outfit to go with the medical tools which hadn’t broken. Luckily the Doctors Outfit comes WITH a stethoscope as that had broken and to Florence is the most essential part of her game. She has to listen to the tummy to hear the baby’s heart beat. (She was at every single one of my midwife appointments so really knows her stuff!)

As I said, the coat comes with the main Doctor tool, a stethoscope, but a Doctors case, a sturdy one and much better than the one we have mostly binned now, can be bought separately with all the other things a Doctor might need! (It might have to be an extra birthday present for Florence actually as it really is very good and so much better than the one we have)! The coat has pictures of tools coming out of the top pocket, does up with velcro and comes with a hat and surgical mask also. It fits children up to 116cm tall! We love it!

Florence listening to Jimmy’s tummy!

Because we love the outfit so much she’s going to be given some more dress-up outfits for Christmas and ELC is my first port of call for them obviously! There are lots to choose from including all the services, a pirate, ballerina and a fairy! Florence would love all of them but sticking with the medical theme we think she’ll enjoy the Vets outfit! It comes in pink or blue (we have blue) and is a trouser and top combo with a surgical mask. Just as good quality as the Doctors outfit this will assist her with even more scope for play! I think the dress-up outfits are superb!

Another toy we adore which lets a bit of dress-up fuel the imagination is the ELC RockStar Guitar! Florence’s Daddy is a musician and Florence wants to play guitar just like him so this is fab! We love the guitar which comes with a microphone attached to some cool rock star sunglasses and really works when plugged into the guitar! It has loads of different sounds, music and buttons and some strings which can be strummed! It’s loud but c’mon, children love it! All Florence’s friend’s make a beeline for it when they’re over!

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