Mothercare is App-y!

I love Mothercare and the Early Learning Centre, did you know they’re part of the same company? They’re brands you can trust and you know that the products are of the highest quality while, I don’t think, amazingly expensive. When I was little Mothercare was the only place on the high street parents could get children’s clothes and the fact that it’s stood the test of time is tantamount to them really. Many shops fold when other stores of a similar nature open up in direct competition but obviously Mothercare haven’t even been fased!

They’ve gone from strength to strength over time instead and part of their success as far as I can see is because they have been adaptable and moved with the times. When consumers demanded more from them they gave it, expanding their ranges so to include everything from maternity wear to toys for older children. Mothercare is the name that springs to mind when you think baby gear and even films and television show them in their scenes when their storylines requires that side of life rather than choosing a competitor. One of my favourite films, Jack and Sarah has a whole scene in Mothercare and although they don’t mention the name of the store, for its obvious the character wouldn’t be in any other for the things he is buying, the design of both the store, the logo and goods naturally ensure the viewer knows exactly where he is shopping. I would say even if you don’t have children you would know from reputation that the place to be for baby things is there – they are just a great brand.

I mentioned that I think the reason they do so well is their adaptability and conscious decision to move with the times. Yet again they are doing just that and in our now computer generated society with our smart phones at the tip of our fingers most of the time, Mothercare have launched a new app which is totally FREE! With even children as young as Florence being able to work tablets and smart phones it’s a very smart move indeed but I wouldn’t have thought any less to be honest! Their ability to know what parents need and want is all part of why they work so well and why we love the brand so much. So, what does this app do? Well, once you’ve downloaded it free from i tunes you can use it on your i phone, i pod, i pad etc to be your busy mum companion! As well as offering a complete on-the-go shopping experience, the Mothercare app also includes a range of additional features including checklists and wish lists, the Baby Name Generator, Baby Tunes, a Pregnancy Week by Week guide, a store locator, the Mothercare blog and Mothercare TV, plus many more.

I love the sound of it and I think it will be such a handy tool. Now all I’ve got to do is get with the times myself and get an i phone… Perhaps I need some tips from Mothercare on how to stay current… :-/

Find out more about the app here.