Cup and Teether Please mOmma!

Jimmy’s been weaning and with it learning to drink from a cup. I tried him with a cup from mOmma, an Italian brand, and to begin with wasn’t entirely sure about it but quickly came round. So, first of all I thought the No Spill Cup (which I have without handles) might be a little difficult for Jimmy to grip. I held it for him and fed him so that he didn’t have to attempt picking it up himself and was pleased to see that he sucked on the silicone spout as if it were a normal bottle teet. It’s soft and feels the same as a teet but is the shape of a spout. I liked the way the spout actually doesn’t leak at all even though it looks like it should and because of the round shape of the bottle (making it a bit weeble like – weebles wobble but they don’t fall over) it never falls on its side but if it did the teet wouldn’t come into contact with a surface anyway. It’s clever for sure.

I just still didn’t think it was going to be good for Jimmy to hold and wished I had the one that came with handles. Instead I went and bought a standard hard cup with two handles and a hard spout. Immediately Jimmy could pick it up using the handles but he wouldn’t or couldn’t drink using the hard spout and I realised that he was after the softness that he is used to. I decided to give the mOmma cup another go as I liked everything about it aside from the fact that I didn’t think he could pick it up himself. I hadn’t actually tried it though. It’s quite heavy so I just assumed it would be too difficult.

Actually, when it came down to it and I gave him the option to try Jimmy managed to hold the cup himself rather well. He uses both hands and grips it in what actually appears to be a much more steady way than he could manage with handles. When using the handled cup he just shakes it about but with the mOmma one he can lift it carefully and guide it to his mouth easily. Suddenly I realised why the cup is the way it is and knew that I’d been wrong in my initial assessment. It’s heavy and rounded so that little hands can grip it well and not fling it about but guide it in gently.

Well, with the teet being soft, the no spill aspect, the hygienic way it doesn’t come into contact with surfaces and I am very pleased indeed as is Jimmy – I think we will get the one with handles too but for when he’s a bit older. It even fits in my bottle bag despite its odd shape!


Jimmy with his cup!

As well as using the mOmma cup we have been trying out the teether.

We have the blue seal and its super cute. I simply love the Italian design, just as with everything in the range it’s all very cool and edgy but actually serves a good purpose too! The teether is chunky but not heavy or too big. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand and has a cheeky interesting face on a smooth bulbous head which is nice to touch in itself. The gel part of the teether forms the hoop which isn’t big enough to slip over a little wrist but perfect for them to grip with one or two hands. It has prominent circles which form a texture sticking out and can be put in the fridge to cool for a soothing sensation on sore gums. I always take this one out and about with me, it’s easy to clean, hold, chew and play with while Jimmy seems to like it very much! An interesting and unusual teething toy!

We’re so impressed by the mOmma products we’re going to try the tableware next – it looks great!