Dearest Posie – You Are Four Months Old!

Dearest Posie – You Are Four Months Old!


Dearest Posie,

Our little sweetheart and wonderfully smilie baby girl you are four months old. FOUR! You’re super duper and just moving at the speed of light. Rolling over and trying to bring your knees up to get off as well as straining to sit up and nearly managing it even from lying down. You’re pretty amazing like that actually and just like your big sister in your desire to achieve the next goal as well as looks. I have a little time machine I think sometimes as it’s like going back in time to her being your age and seeing her holding you is incredible at times. Yiu are the best if friends and I’ve no doubt this sisterly bond will be so strong always despite the age difference. Your brothers love you so much too and the adoration is on their faces always when you are around. You beam right back at them even when Raffie cuddles you SO hard saying “I WUV her” (or “him” often times as he gets confused) really loudly!

You’re teething hard and dribbly as well as chewing everything and you sleep super well at night as long as you are under my wing. Day time naps are not your thing however and you can’t stand being in the buggy or the car which makes for interesting journeys especially on the school run. You do, however, take most things in your stride and happily enjoy all we do like story time, Gymboree and seeing your baby massage baby buddies!

Posie Pamela Honeybee you are simply glorious at 4 months old and we love you so much we could burst!

The day after you turned 3 months old and you were straight in the Bumbo – You loved it!
Beautiful girl wrapped in a beautiful blanket!
In Florence’s old hat!
At Book Bugs and Dragon Tails book shop for story and craft time!
Which you enjoyed the sights and sounds of!
Still loving the bath!
Especially when you get to duo with Raffie!
Gymboree baby classes!
Oh that face, that cardigan (from Gram) and that blanket!
With your biggest fan (one of them)!
In the city having a lockdown lunch – bought but not to be eaten inside just yet!
Norwich, St Peter Mancroft Gardens!
Trying at 13 weeks to roll back to front and nearly making it!
Beautiful Posie!
Love Very Play Gym
Another of your biggest fans!
Still so very do my and very small that you fit inside the sleep suit my Grandma bought for Florence!
Night feeding!
Wearing an old Florence outfit!
Feeling the sun at Pensthorpe!
Tiny toes!
We wrapped up our 5 week course of Cherish Baby Massage which we are a bit sad about. Butt we’re going to keep in contact with the other mums and babies and Kim who runs it so there’s more to come!
I’m so pleased I did this with you as I nearly didn’t and it was so wonderful!
Me and you kiddo!
With Daddy!
Getting so grown up!
Your big sister and you are so alike!
At Pensthorpe!
The pink team out for lunch at Mysa Bar, the day before restrictions ease so in a tent with heaters!
Gram and you!
Me and you at Cherish Baby Massage!
In your gorgeous cardigan from Grandad and Grusie which is a bit big (is meant for winter but this weather is awful so…)!
First play group!
Loving story time!
Very much teething!
Play date!
Still happy though and despite your second lot of jabs!
Bit of modelling for Instagram!
I knitted this while I was pregnant, in labour and in the early days of feeding you. I finally finished it and you look delicious wearing it too!
Your smile!
Wishing grandad a happy birthday and then you rolled over from back to front to celebrate!
We went to look at a flower farm just me, you and Raffie!
And then for a wet afternoon in the park at Gressenhall!
Gymboree baby!
Sensory classes at Gymboree are ace!
Story time!
And friends! Finally meeting some of our faves!
Super tiny still!
Uncle Phil’s 30th birthday!
With Grandad!
And Grusie!
Meeting uncle Alex for the first time!
Auntie Phoebe!
Sunshine days!
Feeling those rays for the first time!
At the dino park!
Sunshine smiles again!
On the beach 4 months to the day you were born and you ate a mouthful of sand!
4 months old today!
You lovely sweetie!

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