Dearest Posie – You Are Ten Months Old!

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Dearest Posie – You Are Ten Months Old!

10 months old and super gorgeous!

Dearest Posie,

You are 10 months old and full of wonder about everything. You love the boys and light up when you see them, Daddy too! If he comes home from work and doesn’t immediately pick you up you make a big fuss and he can’t resist you. We both say ALL the time that you are the sweetest, just most sweetest baby! You raise your arms and tell me when you want milk and stand so solidly with an eye to walking yet you haven’t quite done it yet. You nip around so fast crawling though I wonder if you feel there’s no need?! As soon as the kitchen door opens you’re off and trying to get up the stairs (which Posie does so fast bow with someone behind her) and the dishwasher is your next favourite thing to climb on. Both doors open and it’s a massive decision!

There’s this way Posie rolls her tongue when she’s angry that’s so gorgeous we can’t help but laugh and she is wonderfully noisy when happy too, which she is most of the time!

A lovely, snuggly baby who tries to climb up me and get EVEN closer at all times and who is always happy when she can see me. We love to swim and cuddle and go to Gymboree, see our friends and play.

10 months of Posie, oh wow!

We baked cookies in readiment for bonfire night and smores over the fire pit!
You liked helping!
And liked a taster even more!
Gymboree on the 5th of November!
The kneeling!
Loving Gymbo!
By the evening really not feeling too great…
Conked out and really not a fan of the fireworks!
And so under the weather…
A full Sunday in the hospital with a poorly Posie Pops!
Catching wee wee!
A urine infection and Bronchiolitis, not great but we have meds!
Still smiling!
Even in the buggy which is usually hated. No energy…
Bit of dress up getting some shots for Christmas!
In clothes bought by Carly for welcome to the world gifts!
At story and craft time!
Photos with my friend Jenny Jones in her studio!
Rainy days and Fridays!
Getting ready to support the BBC’s Children in Need!
Wearing George at Asda’s collection!
Oh but gorgeous little one!
Standing and trying so hard to take that first step!
All that exercise caused a nap!
So exhausting it was a nap taken in the big cot for the very first time!
Gymboree and teething hard!
Book Bugs and Dragontales story and craft time!
Just a bit of curling ribbon and we’re all set!
So much fun!
Just loving the water!
A bit more Pudsy dress up!
Not being impressed at the theatre before curtain up!
I wondered if The Snowman might be missed entirely!
A little bit of cuddling!
And we had all eyes open!
With lots of arms to cuddle!
So lucky to have big brothers!
Even when they do hold babies like this!
We took the big kids and the baby to the cinema to see Ghostbusters Afterlife!
A walk around the city like being pregnant again!
Another swim!
Loving it!
Even cold and wet with a smile!
McDonald’s chippy lunch!
My First Panto!
So exciting!
Immersive theatre for littles!
Joining in!
No one wants to go in the buggy, everyone wants a carry!
Gymbo Friday!
More Gymbo!
Posing for the annual Christmas picture!
Swimming with Gram!
A new favourite!
Bath time glow sticks in the Shnuggle!
1st of December and your new elf Thumb Sammy (named by Raffie) has made an appearance!
Jimmy showing you what a chocolate advent calendar is all about!
White chocolate for breakfast!
Christmas jumpers!
Followed by play group to meet friends!
Which was a very tiring morning!
But woke up for snack time!
Rocking into Christmas as the chief elf!
As Posie so is!
In this house at least!
Whoops a daisy!
At the Pensthorpe Christmas grotto!
Pensthorpe by night with Gram!
Milk on the Santa’s Explorer!
The Santa gang!
Soft play!
Meeting Father Christmas!
10 months old!
Getting so big but still so tiny too!