Party On Mums!

Party On Mums!

When you have a baby your body changes not just while your pregnant but it continues to be different to the way it was and finding clothing which suits your new shape and style is often daunting. Heading into the party season and it’s even more of a challenge working out how best to dress to wow and say here I am, ready for the party!

This time last year I was quite heavily pregnant and I likened myself to a disco ball in my Christmas dress which was sparkly and lovely while at the same time definitely showed off my bump in all its sparkling glory. I loved it and felt it was easy to dress my growing tummy. This year I’ve found it far harder to find new clothes which suit me. No bump to hide behind but not wanting to feel like I just have a mum bod now, I want to dress up and look fab while still needing to be comfortable and able to breast feed my tiny baby. Time to hit the shops for the festive season and find dresses for me in my post natal look rather than pre and on line is where it’s at for this busy mamma!

I love a dress from the floaty to the floral and back to the LBD and I love the winter because it means black tights and boots to cover a multitude of sins while I do it. I also like a dress that you can do up or down depending on the event and because I rarely go out these days, one which will do a day time on the school run normal as well as those rare party nights out for Christmas is the absolute winner in my book!

All dressed up with absolutely nowhere but the kitchen to dance in – Christmas bauble bump from last year!

Approaching this party season I am coming in at an entirely different angle. I wanted to accentuate my bump last year and full on sequins was my vibe. 2021 and not quite with a washboard tummy again (I mean, it’s been a good few years if I’m honest) and I’d like to keep the sparkle but perhaps not quite so all encompassing – hints and nods to the sequin are go while head to toe is a no! I like to wear shorter skirts in the winter taking advantage of tights season (I rarely show my knees in the summer) and I’m loving perusing the shelves of the on line shopping where I can feel comfortable to buy and try at leisure. Going into a shop with a small baby attached isn’t easy and this is definitely the way forward for me. I’ve got previous experience when it comes to shopping for a dress shortly after having a baby, including for my wedding dress (that was tricksy) so these would be my top tips!


Look on line and choose places with easy to return policies so that you don’t have to traipse around shops trying things on.

Try on in your own time at home with the packaging, info and all you need to immediately return anything that isn’t a bit of you!

Turn out of your old comfort zone, new bodies can mean new looks for the better not worse so trying something new is always a good option!

Stick to colours and brands that you know suit you.

Look at yourself in the mirror while remembering all your body has achieved and given you. Be grateful and not hateful to it!


Compare yourself to an outdated version of yourself – we all evolve, it’s a good thing!

Wish you looked differently, accommodate the new you.

Choose clothes which make you feel bad or which you think you will slim into.

Buy things which will hinder you – if you’re breast feeding remember necklines and buttons so you have easy access for the baby!

Shopping for a party dress for the season should be fun, like it was when you were a teenager. If it feels like an ordeal try to remind yourself you are a new woman now with much to love about yourself and once you do that, buying clothes becomes joyous again, it really does!


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