Red Letter Days – A Christmas Gift!

Red Letter days – A Christmas Gift!

It’s that time of year when we have to get our thinking caps on and buy gifts for those we love and while that is such a joyous thing most of the time, often it can cause such anxiety. But it really doesn’t have to.

if you’ve someone tricky to buy for or simply a friend you have no idea where to start on the choosing then I’ve just the plan for you. I’m fact, even if you are pretty ace at present choosing but you simply don’t have the time to give it your full attention then a gift from Red Letter Days will be right up your street!

With absolutely tons of ideas for an experience present and lots of ways to help you choose on the website, Red Letter Days and Buy A Gift are a fantastic option to assist with buying some really excellent presents with very low level effort on your behalf. Don’t be fooled into thinking the low level effort for the shopping means low level gifting though because these gifts are awesome. I was recently gifted a three course meal for two with Red Letter Days and having that little beauty in the bank waiting for a day when I could use it gave me such joy. And then the gift does of course keep on giving when the voucher is redeemed and actually used!

I used mine this past weekend at Zizzis where I took my husband for a date night and we had a fab evening off treating ourselves without even having to think about how much it was costing. The money has already traded hands, all we had to do was enjoy!

if I hadn’t wanted that particular experience, chosen for me, I could have altered it and exchanged it for one of the very many other experienc days and activities on the Red Letter Days site. You can bank money if what you choose is less expensive or add to it if it’s a bit more but frankly a meal out – with numerous restaurants to choose from, is just up my street.

We opted for Zizzis out of the contenders as it’s a firm fave and yet feels super special and downloading my voucher, retrieving my unique code then booking my table directly through through restaurant once this was done was mega easy. We had a special Red Letter Days/Buy A Gift menu and didn’t feel at all short changed by the options which were plentiful. A couple of things were not on that night due to ingredients shortages but the waiter advised us we could sub anything from the main menu so it was extremely accommodating. We didn’t actually go off the special menu but it was nice to know we could have!

The menu is smaller than their usual menu but the food options are from the main menu and when something was missing and unable to be prepared they were more than happy for us to choose from the main menu instead!
Complimentary nibbles are great!
Fab starters!
This was delicious!

I think my only worry with set menus is that they will be substandard or you’ll get less food but this wasn’t the case at all. We eat at Zizzis from time to time and the portions and quality were the same on the set menu as on the main. In fact I think they were extremely generous portions. We loved it!

You can’t complain with a pizza that’s bigger than your head!
These were super tasty!
And dessert (salted caramel brownie) was a chef’s kiss of perfection!

It was a busy Saturday night when we chose to use our voucher and the atmosphere felt buzzing. This is just the sort of gift I like to receive, one I can keep in the bank until I’m ready and then take full advantage of. You get the immediate joy at opening such a present and then you get it all over again when you activate it and there’s so much to choose from with afternoon teas, race car experiences, spa treatments… Oh just everything that you could imagine! Buy A Gift also offer hampers and other gifts as well as days and experiences which is ace, especially if time for shopping is limited. I love the ease of the website from the help with choosing to the paying and then the activation – wonderful!

I worked with Red Letter Days as part of a collaboration.