Dearest Raffie – You Are 5 Months Old!

5 months really?! But it’s like you’ve been here forever my darling and we just don’t remember (or want to) what life was like before you came. You are doing so many things now, laughing and I really feel that you talk to me even though the rest of the world would probably think me mad for suggesting it! You don’t roll over yet, I don’t put you down much to give you a chance, but you LOVE to play on your mat and in the bouncer. You are yummy and cuddly and you make it very clear when you are unhappy. Which isn’t often as again I don’t like to give you the chance! This is probably why you find it so hard when I go out. Even for an hour… I don’t mind at all but it would be nice if you’d go back to accepting a bottle of expressed milk… This time next month and you’ll be having your first taste of solid food so perhaps the milk doesn’t matter so much? I wonder, and assume that you will, if you will be like your big brother and sister and breast feed for a few years yet?!

Your big sister has been away on a school residential recently and it was amazing to watch you looking for her while she wasn’t here. You know when everyone is home and you, like me, relax then. When Florence and Jimmy come home you are so excited and when you hear daddy’s voice as he arrives home I see you light up! Amazing! I love watching you get bigger with the big kids and can see you can’t wait to join in with them but don’t go getting too big too fast! I love our baby days together. You love to be carried, sleeping next to me, enjoyed your first sight of snow but hated it falling on your face, you kick in the bath so much it soaks the floor, you are a bit more reserved swimming for some reason… You look at food with anticipation and you recognise when you’ve done something to make us all laugh like a big poo as well as realising a little cough provides you with an oh dear. And you like that!

5 months of something wonderful Raffie, here’s to discovering more exciting things next month too!

In Cromer!
Meeting pals!
Meeting Fearne Cotton at her clothing launch!
Me and you kidder!
Your first sight of snow was a good one!
You’re teething and chewing on everything still!
The Rocknrollerbaby boys!
The Rocknrollerbaby kids!
We are a family of swimmers!
And we love to take you!
In the cardigan I knitted for you most recently!
You three!