Dearest Raffie – You Are 8 Months Old!

Dearest Raffie,

You Are 8 Months Old!

I am wowed every day that this time last year we didn’t even know it was you in that growing bump of mine. We speculated if you were a boy or a girl and tossed names around but we simply had no idea and here you are this time this year with so much personality we couldn’t actually imagine the not knowing!

You have two teeth at the bottom which poked through after weeks of agony for you on the 23rd of May! You have been biting me ever since and don’t mind much when I yelp in pain, instead this makes you giggle. You are a monkey! You try very hard to be on the move and it looks like crawling is going to be any time soon! You somehow do manage to roam around the place despite the crawling not quite being there yet and move in circles mainly. This frustrates you, you SO want to be with the big kids but I want to keep you being a baby for a bit longer please!

You miss Florence and Jimmy when they are at school and over half term you were constantly happy and entertained in their company. It’s a bit boring for you now that they are back but we look forward to the summer holidays when we will have them for 6 whole weeks – goodness knows how you will like it when they go back to school after that!

This month you have been here, there and everywhere under my wing. Always. You don’t like to be without me and on the one time I went out without you this month I had to come home after 2 and a half hours because you wanted me and frankly, I wanted you too so I didn’t mind a jot! There’s time ahead that you won’t want or need me, I watch your sister RUN around the corner at school so her friends don’t see me send her off with a cuddle and a kiss and your brother is beginning to become very reluctant on the public displays of affection too… So I’ll take your adoration and I’d like to bottle it!

I wrote you a little song that I will put in a book, the words go like this:

Oh baby gorgeous, my own baby smorgeous, you glorious, gorgeous and smorgeous baby… Come with me… And you’ll see… The world’s at your feet!

Den building with Florence and Jimmy!
Up in London at press shows with your mama!
We tried on Christmas jumpers!
And you pulled your best face!
You got these two pink spots on your cheek to say teeth were on their way!
You’ve enjoyed more food and this month your faves have been avocado and strawberry!
We’ve done some messy play at home!
Enjoyed sunshine together in the garden!
Booked a holiday to Menorca with Gram!
More press day fun in the capital – you must think we lead an odd life dancing in disco sheds in the middle of the day!
You take everything in your stride, including the tube!
Love your sister!
And your brother!
They both adore you!
Florence looks after you so well!
You just love to be outdoors!
And are so happy to just be with everyone!
Whether on the beach!
In London!
The zoo!
With friends!
Children’s TV presenters (at the launch of NumNoms series 5)!
Sleeping beautifully in the cardigan I made for you!
Or with the dinosaur Daddy bought for you!
You are, as your top tells us all to be, a very happy chappy and we love you more than we could ever express with words and pictures!