Dora And Sponge Bob Ice Cream!

Florence loves the TV channel Nickelodeon and it’s sister station Nick Jr. Just like most children her age I would guess, she has some pretty favourite characters and Dora The Explorer is definitely one of them! She’s also been introduced to Sponge Bob Square Pants at some point and although I think she’s not terribly into the programme yet she certainly likes the character and calls him ‘Sponge Bob Poo Pants’ which she thinks is utterly hilarious!

We were very excited today, to be able to go and taste test the new Dora and Sponge Bob lollies that Nickelodeon have brought out and at just £1 for a tub of ice cream you cant really go wrong can you! Ice lollies in Strawberry for Dora and Orange for Bob and then tubs of creamy and delicious chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream made by Beechdean Dairies with the characters on the packaging! Very tasty and also with a handy spoon inside the lid!

Dora Ice Cream 4
Ice cream and lolly choices all with Dora or Sponge Bob on them!
Dora Ice Cream 5
We had lots of fun trying them out! My favourite was the strawberry ice cream for it’s total creamyness and Florence liked the strawberry lolly!
Dora ice Cream 3
We tried quite a few and even had a cheeky one on the way home

We had lots of fun and even got to see a film at the cinema while we enjoyed eating them. Lots of them! Yum!

We also came home with a Dora colouring sheet so that we can enter a competition to win tickets to Nickelodeon World at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We’ve never even been to Blackpool so wouldn’t that be a fab prize! What do you think of our colouring in skills?!

Dora Ice Cream
They both got colouring as soon as we got home!
Dora Ice Cream 1
Jimmy made a very good effort for just over one I think!
Dora Ice Cream 2
And Florence, who could draw, colour and craft for hours on end made a great picture here I think!

I have not been paid to write this post!