Dream Duvet Day!

I have to say that I think if I mentioned a ‘duvet day’ to my husband he would retort with ‘don’t you have one of those every day?’ It would be part in jest but I’m sure a little of him thinks I really DO spend my days lazily doing nothing much! I’ve often threatened, on those days when he asks how come the washing up isn’t done’, to down tools for a bit and let him see what happens… It hasn’t been done yet as he always catches the sharp edge to my voice and backs off but… I totally would do it and I’d love to see his face looking at the devastation in the house while he foraged for non existent food and some clean clothes while I asked him if he’d prefer just the washing up to be left undone!

Anyway… If I was to take a duvet day for real it would be such a rare occurrence that I’d need to set lots of things in place first. I’d need the children at my Mum’s (otherwise I’d have to get up and pick them up from school or nursery at some point) and I’d need Jonny to be at work. I’d like the day, the WHOLE day to myself and I’d also like to have, and this is the real reason I’d not be able to ever down tools after my threats, a completely clean and sparkling house to be in while I took my day! I love everywhere tidy and perfectly clean and if I’m totally truthful the washing up not being done really irks me too but sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours! I think I’d have a professional cleaner come in and make the house perfect and then… Then I’d begin my day!

I’d run a bath with my favourite Laura Mercier bath honey and while I took a dip in the tub I’d make sure the cleaner was in changing the sheets on my bed! Is there anything more wonderful than clean sheets on a fluffy bed! I adore a soft duvet plumped with goose feathers and pillows that are stuffed full. I love my bed and I love being in it despite the fact I share it with everyone in this house most nights and that my mattress leaves a lot to be desired! It was expensive but is absolutely rubbish! I’ve been eyeing up a new one for when we move and an Eve Mattress sounds ideal! They offer a 100 day home trial on their 10 inch deep, premium memory foam with the bounce of latex mattresses as well as a 10 YEAR guarantee! Can’t ask much more than that now can you! So, with a new mattress and my clean sheets, after my bath and some brand new pyjamas I’d climb in and what would I do first? SLEEP! I’m not sure any mamma would choose anything else for sheer indulgence, sleep is totally where it’s all at!

My duvet day would start with clean sheets, a bath and a very long snooze!
My duvet day would start with clean sheets, a bath and a very long snooze!

After a sleep I’d have a ‘Friends’ marathon while STILL in bed! I’m not talking about a string of my actual pals coming over to climb in with me for a chat, good grief no! I mean I’d watch all my favourite episodes of the sit com and then… I might watch them again!

As this is a ‘dream duvet day’ I am assuming ‘within the realms of possibility’ doesn’t have to be a factor. So, next on my list I would have to be some lunch delivered to me by top chef Jamie Oliver who could make it for me in my kitchen. I adore Jamie Oliver and his food is amazing! Much as I like him though, once the food is made I’d have to let him toddle off as I’d want to get back to enjoying my day!

I’m afraid it’d be more TV viewing for the afternoon as I rarely get the chance and totally love it! I’d watch my favourite films like ‘Tootsie’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ while I knitted and chatted on the phone to my friends. No texting, actual chatting, you know, like in the 90’s!

As the evening draws in I’d have the children brought back to me after a fun filled day where they just want to climb in bed for some mummy cuddles and that would be the best part of the day! Sure the majority of my day would have been solitary but for novelty not because I REALLY crave it! A whole day without any noses to wipe or anyone needing ‘Mummy’ and I’d be utterly desperate for them – I went away for a blog thing last year to a hotel for ONE night and I was literally champing at the bit to get to them the next day!

So, I’m no John and Yoko ordinarily but it would be a whole day in bed, in a comfy bed of course, with lots of television, good food and no interruptions followed by lots of cuddles with my most favourite people in the world! And seeing as they’re joining me in bed (as they do most nights anyway) I’d better make that new mattress a King sized I guess!

An Eve Mattress comes with a 100 day home trial, a 10 year guarantee and free delivery!
An Eve Mattress comes with a 100 day home trial, a 10 year guarantee and free delivery!

Image sourced from www.evemattress.co.uk.

This post is an entry into the ‘Dream Duvet Day’ competition run by Eve Mattresses. The prize is to win one of their amazing sounding mattresses so… IF I win then I’ll pop back and tell you all about how comfy I am with a lovely new mattress on my bed even if I don’t actually get a real life dream duvet day, some good night’s sleep would be awesome!