Dress-Up Tatty Teddy!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a lovely Christmas Toy bash we were invited to where we got to check out what’s hot for 2013! There was one toy that Florence couldn’t leave alone and she just kept having to go back to see again! The toy was Dress-Up Tatty Teddy and Florence pushed her round in a buggy and cuddled her for pretty much the whole party! She even had to make a special trip back upstairs at the party to go and say goodbye to her. It was really sweet but sad to have to leave her when we came home!

But… The lovely people at Tatty Teddy Toys decided to send Florence her very own bear so we’ve had one pretty chuffed little girl this weekend as Florence has been able to dress her up and undress her AND get to keep her at the end of it! As soon as she arrived and Florence saw the box she knew exactly which teddy she was, she knew it wasn’t another in the Tatty Teddy collection and couldn’t wait to see what outfits the bear had to try on!

Tatty Teddy Toy 1
Pyjamas and a dressing gown for Dress-Up Tatty Teddy is what we were sent!

We were very lucky and got sent a little pyjama set as well as a pink fluffy dressing gown! Absolutely lovely! Little girls absolutely adore dressing and undressing their toys so this character is absolutely perfect! You can add to the clothing collection too as there are loads of outfits to choose from. At the party, Florence’s favourite was her ballet outfit but you can get everything from dresses with matching shoes to a swimming costume! This is a toy which can be added to for birthdays and Christmases to come and we like her very much!

Tatty Teddy Toy
Florence is very chuffed with Dress-Up Tatty Teddy!

She comes with a plush heart, message paper heart to write your own note to her and an owners certificate. Along with this she has a secret pocket where her heart can be stored… So sweet!

Tatty Teddy Toy 2
Cute little touches make this super soft teddy very special!

Florence is very happy with hers, what little girl wouldn’t be?!

I have not been paid to write this post but I was sent a Dress-Up Tatty Teddy for the purpose of review.