DryRobe Advance Long Sleeve Changing Robe!

DryRobe Advance Long Sleeve Changing Robe!

Florence has been surfing for a couple of year’s now taking lessons at Glide in Cromer where she fell in love with both the sport and the culture. She absolutely adores beach life and being on the sand (as do I) but where she wants to actually hone her skills as a surfer, I, as a youngster, simply wanted to be seen in all the gear LOOKING like I knew what I was doing. All the gear, no idea was my name as I just oggled the surfy boys with my mates wearing a Billabong hoodie. Florence is definitely up for all the hot chocolates apres surf and fitting in (my Billabong hoodie, still going strong is worn more by her these days) but she also really wants to be good at this sea sport she has found so much enjoyment from. It’s expensive, and so is the gear but she takes great pride in saving up her birthday pennies and buying the things she needs for herself. A surf board was one of her first purchases and she loves it so much, gets so much use from it in fact, that it’s something she’s very proud to have paid for by herself. She has been having her eye on a DryRobe Advance Long Sleeve Changing Robe for some time now and had her plan of action ready to be able to buy herself one with selling hand-made bracelets, clip in hair wraps and running glitter bars at summer fetes (determined is her middle name) but… DryRobe saw her surfing on my Instagram stories and decided they’d like to gift her one to try out making her over the flipping moon!

Just like she knew which high school she wanted to go to and set her sights before going hell for leather to pass the entrance exam and win a bursary, she was determined to have the very best for surfing too. She knew from chatting to other surfers that these DryRobes are very definitely not just the clobber to be seen in but that they would assist her when she’s surfing all weathers in many ways. Zipped up and they are roomy enough for her to keep her arms inside so that she can get in and out of a wet suit (again her determination is unreal on that one and she’s peeled herself into and out of damp wet suits so many times in discomfort) with ease just like the guys she’s chatted to who very definitely recommended this brand over any other. They keep her warm on those North Norfolk wind whipping days, and they make her dry instantly when she comes out of the surf. I’ve known Florence to go in all weathers, never deterred by the cold and rain (good job being British and living where we do) and I’ve known her to be absolutely freezing as result. Still she always wants more!

Sunny days are few and far between more’s the pity but if you waited for the rain to go away you’d be waiting a long time so DryRobe is very definitely her answer!

The large hood helps battle the elements and the fleece lining by contrast colour makes the robe her perfect choice aesthetically too. She’s totally in love!

It is weather-resistant on the outside with a super warm lining which gets you dry quickly, the Dryrobe Advance is also made with 100% recycled materials. It is JUST what she needs for surfing days (and I can sit in it while I wait for her, all weathers, on the beach)!

Salty haired after surfing has never looked better on her than now teamed with the DryRobe! I expect you’ll be seeing it a lot on my stories as it is now a permanent fixture in the car for her beach days. Thing is… I think we all need one now. It’s absolutely lovely from tip to toe and SO cosy.

Florence has the long sleeved DryRobe in size small (it’s comfy on me too though obviously I am bigger than her – she’s a UK 4 and I’m a UK 10) in the colour way black and pink. It’s waterproof, windproof and has tailored fitted sleeves with hook and loop fasteners at the wrist. It has a two way reversible zip, zipped pockets (including an excellent one which is ideal for phones) and most importantly it does exactly what it says it will, keeps her warm and makes her dry while allowing her privacy to change on the beach.

You can’t always get the surf, her last visit was incredibly flat, but you can always make sure if you’ve got the RIGHT idea AND the RIGHT gear, that you stand the best chances! She will be using this for forever and is tickled as pink as the fleece lining on the colourway she chose to be the proud owner of the DryRobe! I have to say, I’m rather jealous aren’t you?!

Thanks DryRobe for making her summer, she ran her glitter bar and bracelet stall at the weekend and has saved lots of pennies for more lessons, more determination to surf than ever!


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