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Last night it felt like the hottest night of the year to me. I had Jimmy in bed with me who insisted on sleeping on me rather than next to me so despite throwing the quilt off early on and flinging the window wide open I was absolutely swealtering!

It felt like there was no air flow, just warm air coming in even though it was 1 o’clock in the morning and to say I couldn’t sleep was an understatement!

My house becomes sauna like in the summer and it’s so uncomfortable; it’s not just the bedrooms either! We have a big bay window facing south in the living room and next to that another big window which means in the summer it is permanently stifling. We can’t even open the windows because unfortunately our next door neighbours smoke rather heavily outside the front of their property and it all billows in. We have to choose sauna over smoke I’m afraid…

I’ve tried using fans but to be honest they don’t seem to make much of a difference. It’s ok if you are actually sitting right next to one but they are not usually powerful enough to do the whole room – our living room would need four regular fans at least! They also tend to make a bit of a racket as they move from side to side and I’m always worried the children will get their fingers caught in the grates. They haven’t, in the past, been a solution, a small help for moments but not a solution!

And then I got to try a completely different type of fan. One which is not only 75% quieter than its predecessors but one which also is very energy efficient! The The Dyson AM06 uses the same amount of energy as our light bulbs! In which case you could be forgiven for thinking it might be a bit rubbish and probably not even as good as traditional fans. You’d be wrong though! It is, without exaggeration, like having air conditioning installed! I realise that is rather a dramatic statement but believe me it’s deserved!


The Dyson AM06 is a desk fan which might make you think it’s not particularly powerful.Wrong! Within a minute it has a very large room cooled and even if you stand right over the other side of the room to it, not even in it’s path, you can feel it! You don’t hear it so much but you DEFINITELY feel it!

So what’s brilliant about it? Apart from it being able to cool a whole room while using very little energy or sound?

Quite a lot actually! The fan is bladeless for a start. I don’t really know HOW they do it (although they do tell you on the website it still seems quite baffling to me) but they do do it! So many people have come over and want to put their hand through the middle to try and work out where the air is coming from! This is a brilliant point if you have children as no fingers will ever be in danger!

Dyson are the first to invent the bladeless fan and instead it uses Air Multiplier™ technology to amplify smooth and uninterrupted air – seriously. Look, just take my word for it! It’s clever and it works!

In brief:

  • Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor.
  • It is accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an airfoil-shaped ramp, which draws in further air and channels its direction.
  • As the air accelerates through the loop amplifier surrounding air is also drawn in.
  • This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow.  This is a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines.

So, it works on low energy, with low sound and has no blades, we’ve established that! It can however do a bit more too!

  • It has ten different settings so that you can just be a little bit cool or a lot cool depending on how you feel!
  • It has a timer!
  • It will rotate in a very aesthetically pleasing way (I can’t believe I said or think that but there we are – this is how much I love it)!
  • The whole fan is very attractive and contemporary looking!
  • It’s incredibly easy to put together with just one click!

If I had spent £220 on this fan I would absolutely think I had made a fantastic purchase. I might not have thought about spending that kind of money on a fan had I not tried this one but the difference is so astounding and makes such an incredible difference that it really is worth every penny of its higher price tag!

The down sides are that although it can be turned on an off with a button on the fan you do need to keep track of the small remote control for the other functions which is easier said than done with two little ones in the house who are rather keen on a remote and it does draw dust in so needs to be wiped daily. Both entirely worth putting up with when the result is so dramatic!

So, last night when I was hot and tired and couldn’t sleep I just had to go into the living room, unplug my Dyson Cool then re plug it back in in the bedroom. I knew of course that it could make the room comfortable in a minute!

I genuinely love this product, I’m sure you can tell! Now I need to find out if the heater works just as well! My house might get hot in summer but jolly it gets cold in the winter! I think Dyson even do a two in one so perhaps that should go on my shopping list!

I was sent the Dyson AM06 for the purpose of an honest review.











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  1. This sounds great! I was trying to describe to my kids yesterday about bladeless fans, but came unstuck as I didn’t know how they worked!

  2. fantastic review this fan really interests me and your blog has made me feel im really missing out by not having one so i think i will start saving up now ready for next year x

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