The Dyson DC41 Mk2 – It’s A Bit Of An Animal!

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Call me a little bit sad if you like but I adore cleaning the house! It’s not necessarily the actual cleaning I’m in love with but more rather the feeling that it is done afterwards and looking around proudly at all the effort that has gone in. I have a routine which sees me tidy (the hardest and most time consuming part), clean surfaces and glass and then finishing with the vacuuming.

We had a Dyson when we first moved into our house and I loved it but for some reason when I was offered another vacuum to review which was smaller in size, I decided to give it to my Mum and keep the smaller one instead. I’m always looking for space saving opportunities and without much thought about how well the new vacuum cleaner worked in comparison I just went ahead and made the switch.

To be honest the new smaller vacuum from another brand was ok in the beginning but we soon found enormous problems and after a few weeks it just didn’t really work well at all. This made the vacuuming part of my clean incredibly time consuming and very, very irritating.

The other thing is that because we live in an upstairs converted flat we have stairs but nothing at the bottom of them apart from a door. Not even a plug socket and the cord on the other vacuum cleaner didn’t reach unlike my old Dyson had done. To say it was a pain in the bum was an understatement and cleaning with my Philips dust buster at the bottom of the stairs (my only option), which is also the first port of call from coming inside with outdoor shoes on, just didn’t cut it at all… I’m surprised we kept it up as long as we did as we kept meaning to go to Norwich and pick up our old Dyson from my Mum but never did.

I was very interested then, probably even more so than usual, when Dyson invited me to come to their HQ and see the new DC41 MK 2, you know the one… It has a ball on the front to make it easier to push around things and they’ve brought out this, the ‘latest version’! I knew when we left that they would be gifting us a machine to test out at home and frankly it could have been total rubbish and been better than the one we were using so I couldn’t wait! Of course it isn’t rubbish though, it’s Dyson and I knew it would be great. What I didn’t know was just HOW great it is!

We got to have a play at Dyson HQ but what did we think when we got it home?
We got to have a play at Dyson HQ but what did we think when we got it home?

But I’ll get to that in a minute…

Dyson HQ is just around the corner from the Science Museum where we always love to visit so we popped in there for a play in the basement before the event. Not many people know this but also in the basement is an artefact donated by my Grandmother to the ‘home’ section. Something which just happens to be one of the very first types of vacuum cleaners! How very apt! We always go and see her Baby Daisy which even has a plaque to say she donated it and we always feel very proud. The Baby Daisy was manufactured in the very early 1900’s and was a manual non electric vacuum cleaner. It used suction powered by human muscle and looks like it would have been extremely hard work. My Grandmother found it in the attic of her old house, what a find!

My Grandmother's Baby Daisy proudly on display at The Science Museum!
My Grandmother’s Baby Daisy proudly on display at The Science Museum!

But vacuum cleaners, thankfully, have come a long way since then (although the one I was telling you about might have tried its hardest to disprove that) and Dyson in particular just have it when it comes to being the best. There are just some brands that others simply can’t emulate and Dyson is one of them. When we got to the event they told us a bit about some of their products and mentioned that the new lower voltage rules don’t even affect Dyson, they’ve never been over the new legal limit anyway yet they do work better than any other. This is just a fact as far as I’m concerned and it’s all down to their amazing designers who have this kind of futuristic eye when it comes to creations… They even have a robot which is coming soon and not only does it vacuum the house but it remembers where it’s been and can give you a map of where afterwards. It’s truly something to behold and then we got to see the new DC41 MK 2 and I have to say, that is too!

The new robot vacuum from Dyson will be out soon!
The new robot vacuum from Dyson will be out soon!

We got to test it against other models from other brands with higher wattage and guess what?! I don’t even need to say it really do I because I know the brand speaks for itself but I’m going to anyway. It worked brilliantly! On every surface picking up every type of messy spills. I knew as well that it would be just as great when I got it home and I wasn’t wrong. It’s not just my opinion either, I have spoken to my lovely pal Alice from AnEssexWife who was also at the event and she feels the same as me! We don’t usually talk cleaning when we get together making way for wine talk instead but the Dyson DC41 Mk2 is definitely worth talking about!

Jimmy and O who belongs to An Essex Wife weren't bothered if the new Dyson worked or not, they were more interested in other technology but for the grown ups we were VERY impressed!
Jimmy and O who belongs to An Essex Wife weren’t bothered if the new Dyson worked or not, they were more interested in other technology but for the grown ups we were VERY impressed!

Multi cyclone technology, 255 air watts suitable for ALL floor types, a 2.5 ltr bagless (of course) dustbin, telescopic extension tube, 7.7kg weight, a 14.6 m stretch to the hose, and a 10m power chord (AT LAST) were some of the things that got me pricking my ears up. To go with that a 5 year guarantee says Dyson are confident, low emissions and noise level (Jimmy is terrified of the vacuum noise) and loads of other points might make this the perfect model! I love that it is upright and although it IS slightly bigger than our last rubbish machine, it is smaller than our original Dyson and the ball, OH the ball! It glides round and under things with such little ease!

We LOVE it!

Doing the vacuuming was the hardest part of my clean and took the longest, now it is over in a few minutes, done more thoroughly than ever before and has handy nozzles which actually work and are used as opposed to being useless items that just fall off and annoy me like they were on that terrible machine of ours!

Within a few hours of using the Dyson DC41 MK 2 I had put that THING we had out in the front garden to be taken with the rubbish. Usually if we put ANYTHING out the front someone comes and takes it before the bin men even come. I’m talking utter pap here but seriously, it all goes. The old vacuum cleaner didn’t, funny that as who could have known it was so rubbish?

I promise you that if you use this vacuum cleaner you will not be disappointed and although pricey I’d say this is an investment, a REAL investment that will last you 5 years. If you buy a cheaper machine then it will have to be replaced and definitely won’t work as well as this one. It’s like buggies really, buy cheap and you buy again…

I am so chuffed we now have this machine even though it picks up SO much dirt it revolts me to see what is in our carpet. It’s easy and works amazingly. No, I won’t be looking back!

I was sent the Dyson DC41 MK 2 for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. We have just been sent the same machine and it’s hoover love! It’s so ideal for us with having a dog, it’s the perfect family hoover. I’m just gasping in horror at how much dirt it picked up on it’s first run, why didn’t my original hoover pick it up. I actually get excited at the ideal of the kids making mess now! 😀

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