Easiyo Yogurt Maker – Review!

Easiyo Yogurt Maker – Review!

I’ve used Easiyo before but had forgotten the delights – it really is a handy gadget to have! Home made yogurt in just a few hours with extremely low effort is a win in my book and as well as using the sachets (which do produce the most delicious yogurt) you can even make your own from scratch (and it’s not even hard)!

The Easiyo is just a tub really, a light, plastic tub with a lid but what it can do is pretty awesome!

The Easiyo will make a litre’s worth of yogurt in 8 hours and with the sachets the effort level is practically zero! Fill smaller tub with water half way, add yogurt sachet, shake, add more water, shake again and then pop inside the bigger tub filled half way with boiling water. Screw the lid on and leave for 9 hours. THAT. IS. IT!

Sachet into water!
Shake and add more water!
Pour boiling water to the mark inside the bigger tub!
Pop the yogurt pot inside and leave for 9 hours (or up to 24)!

No jokes this yogurt was super, mega popular with my gang and I got three mouthfuls. THREE! Though it made a litre’s worth it was all gone in less than a day and no one even had a bowl, people just kept popping to the fridge with a spoon (it’s ok, I made them, we can share a yogurt) so that would be my only downfall. Don’t tell people it’s been made perhaps and then divvy it up slowly. I did, before everyone tucked in, squirrel a small portion away into the freezer inside a little tupperware to make some frozen yogurt – that did stand the test of time (because no one knew it was there) and make a photograph. I still only got a small taste though as I gallantly gave the bowl to my husband who had also missed out on the yogurt bar a tiny taste test!

I can confirm that frozen it is really decadent – super yummy!

So, that’s using a sachet and of course you can buy lots of flavours including lower fat etc. I have found the price really varies but it seems that The Range have them the most inexpensively (even compared to online) and at under £3 a sachet for a litre of yogurt it works out about on a par with supermarket own brand yogurt but I promise you is a lot tastier! A lot, LOT tastier! And then don’t forget you can actually make your own from scratch too. It’s a bit more fiddly but all you need is a bit of natural yogurt and some milk!

You need just under a litre of milk in a pan and over a low heat you need it to not quite come to the boil. Boiling is 100 degrees Celsius and you want the milk to be about 85. I don’t have a thermometer so by eye works too! Allow it to cool for half an hour then pour it into the Easiyo pot and add two tablespoons of live yogurt. Shake just as you would if making a sachet up and then put the pot inside the big Easiyo tub with the boiling water and lid on just as per usual too! Leave for the same amount of time as the sachet suggests and you will have a litre of natural yogurt that you can then flavour or use as is.

Over lockdown I’ve been doing a lot more cooking from scratch and with a flair for Indian fusion food and I have been using yogurt in a lot of my recipes – making my own yogurt as well seemed like a step way too far into the Nigella Lawson’s for the usual me but lockdown me is all for her and actually, I don’t think she will revert as it’s so easy! I use natural yogurt when making home made naan bread (I use Jamie Oliver’s easy naan recipe) as well as for a few other recipes we’ve been having on repeat like for my raita dips (I have a few different ones, check my Insta for various recipes) and as a marinade with my Indian/Turkish kebabs.

My Indian/Turkish fusion kebabs with a raita dip – the naan bread, chicken AND raita all use yogurt in the recipes and this one is totally YUM!

So yep, though i am picky about gadgets (who has room for lots?) this one stays! I really like the Easiyo and now that I know how to make my own yogurt in it as well as the using their delicious sachets it will be a weekly fixture. LOVE IT!

A collaboration with Easiyo.