Easter Holidays 2024!

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Easter Holidays 2024!

I love Easter, it’s like a promise of warmth and sunshine with it all still to come. And you get to celebrate with family but there’s not a massive expectation, or mountains of work like at Christmas. I mean, I love ALL the holidays but this one really does gift something special I think! It’s also two weeks, which is my main ingredient for any holiday, one is never enough! You only get to just about unwind and then it’s time to go again with one week, with two you unwind, relax, enjoy and then you’re ready to go back. Well, as ready as I’ll ever be for it! They all broke up on the same day this time with only Jonny having to do one extra inset day for teacher training. And though they don’t go back at exactly the same time, the big two only get a couple of extra days which feels better for Raffie I think!

We spent the Easter break both doing nothing and everything all at once! We had some massive days out and then we also just spent days at home. There were kitchen discos, a big family lunch, lots of chocolate and egg hunting and everyone loved being together. We went to Pensthorpe and Roarr! (twice), we saw the sea, went to a museum, I discovered my Grandma’s long lost family on Ancestry, we had family meals and treat meals out, we did sports, the boys played football at football camp, Florence, Posie and I spent the day in Cambridge and then we all went to London for the day to do various things. Jonny and Jimmy went to the West Ham football stadium tour while Posie, Raffie and I played in the park and headed to the Young V&A (Museum of Childhood for old skoolers like me) and so, so much more with play dates with our besties thrown in. It was pretty perfect and the sunshine helped with that!

Here’s our best bits!

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