Ed’s Easy Diner!

I love American diner food. Burgers and chips (sweet potato chips in particular) washed down with a milk shake and nothing could be finer!

Jonny and I have been to some superb burger joints around the world always favouring a proper burger when we first arrive on holiday anywhere. It’s become a bit of a tradition. We’ve found some stunning ones, as I mentioned, but we’ve also found some pretty inedible ones which we’d never revisit! The burger is not a fail safe! When it’s good, it’s out of this world but when it’s bad… Well! Least said the better!

There’s a chain of diner I’ve seen in London for years which I’ve always wanted to try but never actually managed it. I noticed recently that they opened one up in Norwich where I’m from and when I looked on their website saw that they have many joints throughout the country! It was definitely time to try Ed’s Easy Diner and when asked if I’d like to review it I took a punt on it being of the out of this world variety (well I thought they must be doing something right to have so many) and chose to go for Jimmy’s birthday!

I made a good choice because indeed the food IS superb and looking around at other diners in the Mayfair restaurant we chose, I could see my opinion was popular. Other diners looked regular, they were making executive choices and eating with gusto. We arrived, buggy and two children in tow, not knowing the menu but they gave us ample time to peruse and make choice changes every few seconds while they took away the buggy to a quieter out of the way spot for us.

The restaurant is small but they were well equipped to deal with families and had the children at home from the off with hats and crayon to keep them occupied. Florence and Jimmy did not need long to make up their minds as it was burgers all round as far as they were concerned! It was (as it goes) but I needed to chop and change my mind a few times before I finally conceded that of course it would be a burger for me too!

Eds Easy Diner Post

Florence and Jimmy got stuck into the colouring while they waited for us to decide on burgers firstly and then which sort. It took a bit of time as the choices are quite extensive and very inviting! 

By the time we were waiting for food our milk shakes had arrived! Nutella for Jonny (which was delicious), Oreo for the children (at £2.05 a pop these are pretty big and worth the cost) and for me, an alcoholic version with dark rum and chocolate. £4.50 for non alcoholic and £5.30 with provides 2 giant glasses of milk shakes which were totally yum!

The children’s meals came first with a little pot of chunky chips, a pot of ketchup and their cheese burgers were HUGE! Probably in the name of not wasting food I should have ordered them one to share but you never can tell how big children’s meals are. Next time we shall know that the children’s burgers are almost the same size as the adults and be a bit more frugal!

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At £4.40 Junior meals are excellent value and as well as cheese burger you can have plain, a puppy dog hot dog or tender chicken strips!

After much deliberation of which burger I finally decided on the Big Bubbas Bacon and Cheese which is The Original (lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise and mild American mustard) with the extra and Jonny opted for the Smokey Joe (Cheddar cheese, griddled onions and Smokey BBQ Sauce)!

We chose to have an Ed’s Plate which gives you fries, onion rings and coleslaw but you can order burgers on their own and add different types of fries or onion rings in separate bowls. We actually upgraded our fries to sweet potato ones and had the pots of sauce that go with atomic American onion rings or atomic American fries to go with them – well, you have to try everything right?! The jalapeno jelly was amazing! I didn’t fancy wet fries myself, apparently they’re with gravy but I have it on reliable source that the Gallagher brothers are regulars and this is what they order! Prince harry is another fan of Ed’s and has been seen visiting! So I think we were in very good company choosing it for Jimmy’s birthday meal out!

Eds Easy Diner Post 2

Our burgers on E’s plates were amazing!

Jonny said next time he’d choose something without two lots of onions as it was a tiny bit much but we both thought the burgers were excellent quality and extremely tasty. We are quite the authority I assure you! Mine was utterly delicious and when the children couldn’t eat all of theirs Jonny and I both stepped up to the mark to finish them off… I told you, I don’t like food waste!

Was there room for desert? Oh yes! A massive brownie with ice cream for us to share and the children had Juniou Sundaes of two scoops of ice cream each with sauce. Two scoops in some sort of world for giants I might add! They again were enormous portions and the ice cream was creamy and just the right amount of sweet! They enjoyed them very much and the brownie didn’t last long either. All four of us tucked into it leaving me thinking they should add a baby portion to the junior menu because it went down so well!

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We had a fab time at Ed’s Easy Diner and Jimmy had a wonderful birthday. The staff were very friendly, informative and helpful and the atmosphere was lots of fun! I’d love to go back and sit at the bar while eating or perhaps try that in Soho as I’m told they have a giant horse shoe shaped diner bar! It reminded me of that episode of Friends when Monica works in an all American diner and has to dance on the tables.There were even little juke boxes (20p a go and for charity) for us to choose in keeping music! We had a blast and the food was top notch! I love that if you join their mailing list they send you special offers. The day we were there I was told members were enjoying 50% off food for two weeks, now that really isn’t bad!

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Ed’s Easy Diner is great and totally lives up to its easy name with children despite it’s mini floor space! A lovely time had by all and a great family meal out!

I was offered a complimentary meal at Ed’s easy Diner for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. Mmmmm sounds delish! I’ve not been to an American diner since I left Brighton five years ago. Om going to take a peek now to see where our closest one of these is to me. Fab review, great photos x

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