A Catch Up Of Easter, Holidays And Birthdays!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote a diary at the bottom of a rant so I thought I’d better do a whole post on what we’ve been up to, to catch up!

Easter was lovely in Norwich with cold weather and warm! Don’t you just love England! We had gloves on doing our egg hunt then when we went on our little holiday to Haven in Caister we were in shorts and T shirts on the beach!

Easter 2014 PostEaster 2014 Post 1Easter 2014 Post 3

The children had loads of fun in Norfolk and as ever enjoyed the delights of Easter egg hunting!

Easter 2014 Post 2

My Mum bought them Goldilocks and The Three Bears and Gruffalo’s Child Dress up for Easter presents which they love!

Our holiday to Haven was lovely and we swam, had a giggle and spent some real quality time as a family. Florence learned to swim on her back and Jimmy just LOVED the marauding around on the beach!

Haven Easter Post 3

Beach fun!

Jimmy got quite obsessed with looking for birds with my Mum and started calling black birds ‘black bluds’ which we thought was very funny. In an Ali G voice we took the mickey out of him by saying ‘haaaright black blud, I is Dimmy’ as he that is what he called himself until a few days ago when he suddenly started to say Jimmy! He’s also decided he can now say Florence and has stopped calling her Bo Bo all the time! I feel a bit sad about that… I’ve always called her Bo Bo and I loved it that he called her Bo Bo too. I’m sure he will again soon as we all call her Bo Bo, Flobo, Bo Bo Baggins and all sorts of other Bo Bo related names!

Black Blud Spotting

Jimmy searching for birds out of the back door!

And then it was my Mum’s 65th birthday! We gave her a caterpillar cake (Florence’s marvelous idea) and then counted down the days to Jimmy’s special day, exactly a week after Gram! My baby turned two! He also had a caterpillar cake on his actual birthday and Gram made him something very special for his party – post to follow about the Teddy bear’s Picnic we had for him!

Gram's Birthday Post

Gram’s 65th birthday cake!

Jimmy’s birthday was just lovely. I’d made them 3D space ship biscuits, aliens and iced biscuit stars with marsh mallow moon craters for a blast off birthday breakfast then we had presents and he got to see himself in the CBeebies magazine where I’d sent a Happy Birthday message. I had my picture taken with him the exact minute he was born two years on and Florence had a couple of big sister presents! He loved it and we all had a brilliant morning before heading off to the Transport Museum where he enjoyed pretending to drive trains and buses followed by a slap up burger meal in Ed’s Easy Diner. Home to bed exhausted, we had one more present for each of them and then Gram came to kiss him goodnight on his second birthday and help out with the Teddy Bear’s Picnic party the next day. It was lovely!

Jimmy’s birthday video!

Cbeebies Mag Post

Jimmy’s CBeebies magazine birthday message!

Jimmy's Birthday Post

Me and my boy two years to the minute he was born in the very room this picture was taken!

So That was us catching up after two family birthdays, a cold Easter egg hunt and a warm North Norfolk on the coast for a few days!

See you next week but in the mean time please do follow me on Twitter @rocknrollerbaby