Eggs And Soldiers In My TumTum!

My children are called Florence Mary Ladybird and Jimmy Buster Bumblebee. Unusual perhaps but I think they’re gorgeous names (of course) and I love the fact that there are lots of beautiful ladybird and bumblebee products on the market for me to buy them to go with their names! I don’t buy everything but if I see something particularly lovely then it’s very hard not to!

TumTum is a range of feeding products for children and they often feature both ladybirds and bumblebees on their goods. They are all just gorgeous and looking at their site to write this review I have picked out a great deal of their stock which I am fighting to whittle down to a smaller wish list! You see I have been using one of their products over Easter and I know just how good it is and am aware that as well as the pretty aesthetics they actually work really, REALLY well!

Neither my little ladybird or my bumblebee are brilliant eaters but they both have one thing in common when it comes to food, they like to be independent! I did baby led weaning with both, more through lack of options, because they simply HAVE to do everything themselves and alway have done. TumTum make products which are easy for little hands to use and help promote learning how to self feed! So… I like the look and I like the philosophy (I’m not at all surprised to learn they are designed by parents)! And after using the product I’ve been reviewing, I can safely say I also like the practice! We would definitely like to add to our TumTum collection now!

We were sent the Trainee Egg Set which features lots of chicks, chickens and a rabbit as well as a snail and a ladybird. Despite the lack of a bumblebee I decided to give it to Jimmy as an Easter present (Florence loved the look of it but doesn’t like eggs unless they are of the chocolate variety) and on Easter Sunday he had his very first dippy egg and soldiers on his new plate!


Jimmy enjoyed his Easter breakfast with the TumTum Trainee Egg Set!

As well as being very inviting with the fun pictures, the melamine set has proved a big hit with us! I have decided to give it a whopping 5/5 in my scoring as it really does have some fantastic features which take it from a novel way of eating dippy eggs to having a far wider appeal!

Firstly, its primary use as an egg cup and plate works brilliantly. The egg cup is the right size for a start (we have egg cups at home which are HUGE and do not fit most eggs) and because it is fairly shallow it can accommodate large or small hen’s eggs. Then the dish has a rubberized edge on the bottom which means it stays in one place on the table. What a fab idea! The dish also has raised sides so what’s on it doesn’t slide off. It is a very well thought out design and the spoon is chubby and fits well in a little hand! I think the price of £12.50 is also very reasonable as it is very well made and will last and last! Very impressive.

But I said firstly didn’t I! I do have a second reason why I am giving this product top marks! You could be forgiven for thinking a plate dedicated to eggs and soldiers is fairly limited, I mean how often does one person have dippy egg in a week? Maybe twice tops for a proper fan? We certainly don’t have it altogether regularly but that doesn’t mean the plate will stay taking up space in a cupboard only to be used once in a while! I especially like it because it is just perfect for serving all Jimmy’s meals on! The egg cup can be used as a pot for ketchup, humus and all kinds of other sauces while the rest of his food will fit neatly on the rest of the plate! I LOVE that there is a pot for that purpose and because it’s attached to the plate it means it won’t get knocked off the table with sauce inside it!


Brilliant for eggs (decorated badly by me or not) and brilliant for other food too!

So, FIVE out of FIVE for versatility, ease of use, thoughtfulness and all round being an excellent product! Like I mentioned, I have been looking on their site and they really do seem to have put a lot of effort into getting their products just right. I’ve seen lots more that I like including items with sections (great for picky eaters who don’t like food mixing – me and Florence) and also the lunch boxes look fabulous! I can highly recommend the Trainee Egg Set but even if you’re not after an EGGcellent egg cup and plate then do take a look at their site because I think there’s sure to be something that will catch most people’s eyes!

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Five out of five from us and as we were reviewing for the Bump Judges project, we have given it a Bump Loves logo!

I was sent the TumTum Trainee Egg Set for the purpose of an honest review as part of the Bump Judges project.

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