Elf Magic – #25Sleeps!

In the sleeps up to Christmas we are doing a little bit more than just opening the doors of our advent calendars! This year, we have elves! I wrote about our elfing plans last week; about how we are having two cheeky elves doing minxy things every night to surprise the children! Sometimes they are bringing little presents and other times they just do funny or even rather naughty things to amuse us!

So… A few days into our elf adventure and this is how we’re getting on!


The elves brought with them some special calendars and a scroll on the 1st of December!

The scroll was for the children and asked them to give the elves names. Florence chose Tasha for the boy elf (apparently it’s a boyish name) and Lily for the girl elf! And we were off!


Shrek The Musical on DVD made them very good elves indeed and Florence was thrilled!


But then they turned the milk blue!


Florence was NOT impressed and burst into tears!


The day after blue milk gate Father Christmas sent in his troops! He also sent a letter saying he thought the elves had gone TOO far by turning the milk blue so he had them captured by the army and it was up to the children if they set Tasha and Lily free for more high jinx… They chose to release our little elves, they’re not really naughty, just minxy that’s all!


An elfy HappyLand parade is how we woke up this morning!

Then this morning we woke up to find the elves and the HappyLand characters having a parade! Don’t you just love this Christmas HappyLand set from Mothercare! It has a darling snowman, little girl with a present, Christmas tree, reindeer, sleigh and Father Christmas. The children love HappyLand and I couldn’t resist buying this set to add to our collection while we were at the Oxford Street store launch party last week! It’s actually half price now so you can snap it up for a fiver!

We hope you love our little video of the elf fun we’re having so far and we’ll update you again next week when we will have had more festive fun with our little Lily and Tasha – who were both hand made by my Mum by the way!

In association with Mothercare.

2 thoughts on “Elf Magic – #25Sleeps!

  1. I’m with Florence would be mortified if my tea milk was blue 😉

    Annoyed with myself for not buying happyland Christmas set now – may have to pop out and grab one, fiver – bargain! xx

  2. fantastic! I used to do stuff like this for my daughter and now, at 18, she says it was magical. Now it’s the turn of my grandchildren.

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