Elf Tree Playset – Ben And Holly!

Last year we reviewed the Thistle Castle Playset from the Ben and Holly toy range by Character and shortly afterwards we were sent the connecting Magical Swing and Slide Playsets which click onto the Castle and the children think are brilliant. It’s a show they absolutely adore and when they play with the toys, making up their own stories, they are so sweet! I love small world play!
A year on and we still play with those toys and have lots of fun with them so we were delighted to be sent a new addition to the range in the Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset.
The Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset!
The Ben and Holly Elf Tree Playset!
The set includes a rocking Woodpecker, Ben Elf’s bedroom, the workshop with trap door and elf toy factory, a ‘push the toy ducks along’ conveyor belt and Barnaby Elf as the character that comes with it. I love that because usually with things like this you get the main characaters with every item meaning, if you collect, that you end up with multiples. We don’t actually have a Ben but we DO have a few Hollys now so having someone different is very welcome – although we DO have to get ourselves a Ben it has to be said! The set also has a detachable base & furniture which is just right for little hands like Jimmy’s who might not be terribly delicate but still wants to play at this sort of game. The set is aimed at children aged 3+ so it’s perfect for him (that’s not to say Florence hasn’t got in on the act too though of course)!
Elf Tree Playset Ben And Holly 4
We really like Barnaby Elf who comes with the play set and has his own opening and closing front door in the base of the tree!
Elf Tree Playset Ben And Holly 3
He has a secret trap door which is easy to set and re-set!
Elf Tree Playset Ben And Holly 2
The conveyor belt and rocking woodpecker move!

This toy has lots of simple details which are easy for small children to play with on their own without getting frustrated and it had the added benefit of being part of a collection. This could be added to other pieces and a bigger game made or played with on its own. It’s slim and stores easily in our toy box so that’s another bonus! Jimmy has been happily playing away with it and he has been making up some fabulous games!

We were sent the Ben and Holly Elf tree Playset in return for an honest review.