End Of Year Burn Out!

The end of year and the end of term, I am beginning to realise, spells a bit of a burn out in my little girl. She’s been busy, busy and on the go as always and I think it’s just about time she has a wind down and a bit of a rest.

I forget sometimes that she IS still only three years old and looking at her this week has made me realise that she’s a pretty amazing three year old at that! She’s worked so hard this year, has learned to read and write in the beginning stages, come on superbly in ballet and tap and generally just become a very mature little girl. I couldn’t be prouder of her!

With all the work she’s been putting in it’s no wonder that she’s reached a bit of a burn out and she is SO ready for the holidays! Me too, I can’t wait to have her at home all day every day and just lounge about with her while we all recuperate for next year.

She played Mary in her nursery school nativity play would you believe!

In true 3 year old style though, the play didn’t quite go according to plan. Florence sat next to Joseph looking wonderful and then when the teacher said ‘And then Mary got to her knees and prayed’ I saw my little girl mouth ‘NO’. Followed by a shake of the head. Then she got off her chair, whispered something to the teacher and sat herself down by the lowly cattle. ‘There’s been a change of plan’ the teacher said, ‘Mary doesn’t want to be Mary anymore so someone else will have to step in’. And my little girl sat on the edgesrefusing for the rest of the play. Perhaps moodiness? Maybe a little diva… I think though, that she’d just reached the end of her energy levels for this term! Oh well, next year she can play Mary perhaps, she COULD do it beautifully, we know because we had a private performance yesterday evening!

Florence Nativity

Florence in her brief stint as Mary in the nursery Nativity play!

Today, the last day of term came at just the right time and with some teachers presents in her bag off she trotted for the class party and when I went to pick her up she looked absolutely shattered!

Teacher's Presents Post

Teacher’s presents to say thank you!

She still had her ballet and tap class to go though and it was yet another performance in front of parents. She did so well standing next to her friend Zhane though and even though she missed a few steps and I saw a few yawns coming from both of them, I think they thoroughly enjoyed it! Florence has been friends with Zhane since they were tiny babies!

Florence and Zhane

This is Florence and Zhane when they were about Jimmy’s age, 19 months!

And this is them doing super well in their ballet show today!

The end of term, the end of the year and happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “End Of Year Burn Out!

  1. Well done Florence – a starting roll ages three. We always knew you were destined for big things!

    Definitely with you in the burn out – Emmy is feeling it too and missed the last two days of school due to a fever.

  2. School holidays couldn’t come quickly enough for us, so happy not to have to worry about all those school activities until next year 🙂

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