The End Of The Summer Holidays!

No one enjoys coming home from a holiday but perhaps I should have timed ours to not finish the minute the kids go back to school because I swear it’s ten times worse. We have had the most amazing summer and since I wrote about being half way through we have been on not one but TWO holidays back to back. I am so grateful and so lucky but also feeling quite emotional that the big two are back to the grind and the fun, for now is done. I really don’t like them going back to school and will miss them so terribly but I suppose real life has to come in at some point and actually, if we didn’t have the normal boring stuff then would we appreciate the brilliant and amazing times as much? Who knows but I’m on the plan now to get some things in the pipeline ready for us to look forward to!

First up on our vay-cay extravaganza was Cornwall with my Dad and my Step Mum. It was a really long drive (7 hours) and somehow, on the way there and using only the power of Jaffa cakes and leaving mental early, we did it without stopping! I tell you those kids are the dream team! Florence fed Raffie water and nibbles and kept him entertained and they were just all three so amazing!

We spent 5 days in Polzeath with my Dad’s family and the kids loved the freedom of the beach. My poor step mum was poorly and Raffie had a virus but eventually everyone was feeling well and we surfed and walked and dug holes. It was great!

We came home with another well times drive and the babes in their pyjamas all ready to be transferred into their beds. It worked but was hard work as I was tired and then despite arriving home in the early hours I had to get up and pack for another holiday leaving the next day while getting four loads of washing not only done but dry too! And the British weather was not great that day… With some help from a friend (it takes a village) who took my big two to the park then made them lunch and kept hold of them until later in the day, I got packed and then before we left for the airport next day I even managed to change the beds and clean the house. I didn’t want to but knew I’d be so happy with myself for having done it on our arrival home…

And we were off! To spend the last fortnight of the holiday (and, cough, cough, two extra days when the kids should have been back at school) on the island of Menorca. It was GLORIOUS! We had the most tremendous time and gutted to be home doesn’t cover it! My Mum took us and then helped out with child care as per usual (the woman is a marvel) and we all came home feeling so happy that we’d had a truly brilliant time – aren’t we lucky ducks!

I’m going to write a proper post about our holiday but for now here’s some of my favourite pictures from both our lovely trips which are making me smile looking at them and taking the sting out of being home with the holiday blues!

Oh and of course… The obligatory first day of a new school year picture in front of the door!

Cornwall was surfing and sandy!

Menorca was sunny and also sandy!


And then… Just like that… It was back to school!

Big kids are fine… Me and Raffie… Bit blue!