Ergo a go go! (or a no no)!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

Now, I have to say before I start that I love my ErgoBaby Carrier BC4S very much and think its a great product! From my very first impressions in my post ‘Science Play’ to present day it’s one of my favourite baby gadgets but I’d never before used the infant insert and for me, it just wasn’t fantastic.

I’ve used the sling many, many times with Florence and am often to be seen carrying her on my back while I push Jimmy. Sometimes because we are catching the tube and my lovely double buggy can’t go on escalators and sometimes just because I’m trying to lose weight and it’s a great way of exercising! Florence loves it and being on the back I find it super easy to carry her. The weight is distributed over the hips so I barely notice it at all to be truthful. I’ve used it as a hip carrier with her in the past but never really on my front although I have done so and it’s easy enough. It was a new experience then to use it with the infant insert, on my front and with Jimmy. The insert slips in and out which I thought would be good for switching who I was carrying; because it’s only one sling it made it an ideal choice for a holiday instead of taking two. I think on balance as a general item I would always have said I prefer to use a sling like the Babasling or the Close Parent Caboo Baby Carrier with a baby as young as Jimmy but for space saving and a holiday I thought this would work just fine. The ehing is, the insert is just so bulky. I mean it has to be, I can see why it is but it was a silly idea to take it on holiday as a space saver because the insert is actually more bulky in itself than the babasling or Caboo so I should have just taken two. I also didn’t ever feel really, really comfortable with it. If you’re looking at money then it’s a good idea because it can take a baby from new born all the way to Florence’s age but for me, I’d rather have two. A tight fitting and cradling one for a baby and then the Ergo for an older child. Florence goes in it all the time at home but on holiday where we had no place to get to fast and plenty of people for piggy backs and shoulder carries it was just a bit redundant and what with the infant insert not being to my liking because it doesn’t hug the baby tight enough to me and being on the big side I’d have to say it was a holiday don’t have for us this year! Saying that, I loved it when we went to Turkey last year and Florence was 1 and a half. This time she was just a bit too old to make it necessary and he was just too little. It’s still my favourite sling for an older child in general though and the back carry position is just perfect for me, we’ve already used it loads since we’ve been back!

No pictures of it being used on holiday I’m afraid cause we just didn’t use it!

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