Sleeping like a baby!

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My Mum and Jonny thought I was mad taking a travel cot with me as the villa we stayed at provided a cot. There was absolutely no way though that I was going to be swayed on the matter as I would be terribly frightened putting Jimmy on a mattress that has been used by the world and his wife! I know it might have been perfectly ok but I think you can never be too safe and when a travel cot weighs just 5.3kg (total, including bag), is on wheels and comes with an inflatable mattress it’s just no hassle to take with you at all! Once they saw how flat and light the Mothercare Sleepwalker Travel Cot  (£79.99 but currently with 15% off) was and that it could just be pulled along or thrown over a shoulder like a bag they were a little less concerned and giving me the peace of mind it does its invaluable as far as I’m concerned!

I had never even taken it out of the bag when we arrived in Portugal so everything was packaged as new and we found the instructions, which were mainly diagrams, easy to follow although a few words might have been a bit helpful for certain things like how to inflate the mattress. We thought we might have been doing it wrong because it all seemed a bit too easy but it just turned out be… well, just easy really! The best feature is how small it is both folded and up. True it’s probably smaller than your average travel cot once up but to be honest I only see this as a good thing! There’s ample room even for a child of Florence’s age to sleep in it so there really is no reason for it to be bigger. The fact it’s on wheels is a real bonus too! I’d only thought about this being easy for when you are actually travelling, which it is of course, but it is also really handy for when up because you can easily pick up the non wheeled end and push it to another room. (There is a break so that little ones can’t push it when you don’t want that!) The mattress is inflatable, as I said above but no pump is needed, you just unscrew the valve and let it inflate. Pushing the air out for packing takes minutes and is also super easy! I’d say the mattress is thin, thinner than would be absolutely perfect but in a trade off for less of a bulk it’s more than worth it. Everything just clicks into place nicely and has green tabs which show through holes to let you know all is as it should be. It’s terribly easy to use, un pack and pack up again and we used it every day on holiday. Jimmy slept and played in it beautifully, it was certainly worth taking and very definitely worth the money! We also used it as a play pen in the day time and evenings which was great as Jimmy is rolling all over the place now and we could quite happily pop him in here and have a shower or whatever!

Folded and in the bag it is flat and extremely light! Up and in use and it’s big enough to play in and sleep in up to about Florence’s age (3 years)! The sides are mesh so it’s very easy to see in without getting up and means the baby can see out too. The worst feature is that you have to bend down quite a long way to pick the baby up as the mattress is quite close to the floor and the sides are obviously quite high. I’m 5ft 3″ and it was fine for me but my Mum struggled as she is 5ft 1″. Can’t see any reason why you would need to buy a big travel cot when there’s this on the market at Mothercare, if it’s a travel cot you’re after for travel purposes then this has got to be it!

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