Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow!

Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow!

Eye Majic is an instant eyeshadow that used heat-sensitive applicators to transfer highly pigmented eyeshadow (there are lots of colours to choose from) in colour arrangements straight to the eyelid in 10 seconds. The individual pre-set eyeshadows are easy to use with a fuss free applicator and they also contain mono-chromatic pigments which are designed to reflect the professional application of eyeshadow. Think smokey eyes with all the layers but you basically just put it on like a sticker, no blending necessary and no make up brushes to clean either!

It means you can experiment with perhaps a more developed eye look than you might otherwise and to boot it’s hygienic (each one is single use), cruelty and paraben free and the leftovers are totally recyclable!

They come with 24 shades to choose from going from rich chocolatey brown tones and vivacious violets to neutral and earthy shades. There’s a colour way for every woman and occasion and can be bought in either velvet matte or a satin finish!

Had to give it a go!

I was a bit skeptical I have to say, how could it work? They come like sheets and you lay them on like a temporary tattoo before sliding it off after 4 seconds. You can then use the applicator to blend if you prefer that look or you can leave it strong and sharp.

They’re pretty good actually and definitely one to have in the handbag for an office to party look or just for odd occasions if you’re not a dab hand with a make-up brush usually. I also think they would be ACE for a flight when you don’t have luggage in the hold and every spare bit of space in the case is precious. These take up no room at all!


I’m actually quite impressed with them! They’re available from Instant Beauty for £5.99 for a pack of five (pairs) or £19.99 for twenty which I think is pretty good. Party season is upon us and these are a great little addition to the make up bag!

I was gifted the Eye Majic product.