Father Christmas Hits London!

Last year I wrote about the fabulous time we had at the Lyric Theatre when we went to see Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas on stage! It was truly superb and we have talked about it ever since. In fact, most times we mention Father Christmas Florence says ‘Do you remember when he did a poo at the theatre?’ (There is a fiercely funny scene you see!) We absolutely loved this interpretation of the well known story and we asked very early on if we could be considered to review it again this year.

‘It’s the same actor and the same production’ I was told. Just in case this might put us off. It didn’t! My children are a year older, Jimmy was just a tiny baby this time last year and I just know he’ll get a kick out of it now. As for Florence, well… When she found out we were going again she said ‘Will he do another poo?’. ‘I expect so.’ I told her. ‘Yipee!’ She was thrilled!

It really is such a super funny production and of course tells a brilliant story looking at how grumpy old Father Christmas gets ready for his biggest night of the year! He is such an endearing Father Christmas despite his slight bad temper and he does his job wonderfully of course, delivering all the presents! It’s magical, comical and really sets the scene for Christmas. If you’ve not heard little children laughing heartily in the theatre then you’ve not been to this show and it’s about time you did!

Father Christmas

It’s on from now until 4th January 2014 and we can’t wait to see it at the end of this week! (HURRY IF YOU WANT TO BOOK AS LOTS OF THE DATES ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED!) The Lyric Theatre is in Hammersmith which is a short tube journey from central London. They are also based just outside the congestion charge zone so driving isn’t out of the question (if of course you can drive unlike me). I think this theatre is pretty special actually and even if you can’t get to Father Christmas then check it out for one of their other fab sounding productions including ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ in panto this year!

Tickets to father Christmas cost just £8 for children and £10 for an adult and for an extra £4 the children’s tickets can be topped up for a messy play session after some of the shows. To book please see www.lyric.co.uk.

I have not been paid to write this post.