Happy Christmas With Britmums And Morrisons!

Today has been an awful lot about cake! It won’t have done much for my waist line but it has been rather yummy and very festive all in one as I attended the BritMums Christmas do – What Christmas do is worth its salt without cake anyway?

Before I even left I was thinking about cake and arranged this in the kitchen for ‘Daddy Day Care’ to make brownies with the children while I was out! Little did I know there’d be cake in abundance at the do…

Britmums Christmas Do

I left the house with cooking fun planned for Jonny, Florence and Jimmy!

It felt very odd to be off into central London of a Monday morning without the children but I’ve been looking forward to a bit of ‘me time’ and a catch up with some friends so I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I’ve never actually been to a BritMums event before so I had no idea what to expect except I’ve only ever heard very good things! I hope to be attending the big event next year and I thought this would be a lovely little taster of an introduction and also a little bit like a work Christmas do for us bloggers! I interact with lots of the other attendees all the time so I knew it would be exciting to be in a room in person with them for a change instead of being behind our screens!

The event was sponsored by Morrisons, I think perhaps the only supermarket I didn’t attend for a Christmas in July shin dig! An excellent opportunity then for me to sample some of their Christmas food and see what they are doing differently to everyone else this yule! They had layed out a massive spread of sweet treats for us to get stuck into and get stuck in I absolutely did!

Britmums Christmas Do 7

Where to start?

Next we were treated to a talk with festive cooking tips from Executive Chef of Product Development at the M Kitchen in Morrisons HQ, Neil Nugent! Did you know for example that you shouldn’t put foil over your turkey while cooking it, apparently the steam makes it cook more and Neil says the biggest Christmas kitchen blunder is an over cooked turkey! Another top turkey tip is to cook it well in advance as it needs at least 2 hours resting time which is great because it will free up your oven for all the roasties and trimmings (my personal favourite bit of the Christmas dinner)!

Britmums Christmas Do 2

M Kitchen’s Executive Chef of Product Development gave lots of handy tips for Christmas dinner!

And then it was back to the chatter, eating and drinking! We got to try wines from Morrisons Cellar which were all yummy and the lunch was absolutely delish! But nothing beats great company which was plentiful!

Britmums Christmas Do1

Three of my lovely blogging pals from left: Carolynne, Alice and Katy clinking glasses in an early Christmas toast!

Britmums Christmas Do 4

And my heavily pregnant friend Lauren who I knew from local playgroups before blogging with another local to me pal Kate! 

Britmums Christmas Do 8

Three of my fave products from the day: Festive rice crispie cake pops, make your own gingerbread house and mince pies!

Britmums Christmas Do 3

It wasn’t all food and drink though! We got to see some of the baby festive outfits from the Nutmeg range which is also available at Kiddicare – Cute!

There was so much food at the end of the do that we even got to bring some of the left overs home! I think I can safely say Florence will be teacher’s pet tomorrow as we’re taking a plate of cup cakes to school for the staff break! We also got to bring home a generous goodie bag so the cake and chocolate fest is continuing this evening!

When I arrived home I was locked out for a bit and had time to peruse the Morrisons catalogue and see all the cool gifts and treats that weren’t on show today. I think it won’t take me long to spend the £10 gift voucher from the goodie bag let’s put it that way! Certainly not as long as it took my husband to come home and let me in!

Britmums Christmas Do 5

Locked out back home but with the tempting catalogue to keep me amused!

When I did finally get back into my house the children were absolutely delighted with the cakes I selflessly decided to let them have from the party… It’s a good job Daddy didn’t get round to making the brownies I think…

Britmums Christmas Do 6

Reindeer cakes were a hit!

It was such a lovely morning, I had a really fabulous time catching up with friends old and new and sampling all of the treats! Thanks so much to BritMums and Morrisons for this early Christmas treat!

I have not been paid to write this post.

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  1. Ah I am honestly stunned at how quick you can knock out a blog post!!! It was a fun morning at the Britmums party, lots of giggles! And as Susanna says, really gets you into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the mention (awful pic of me lol!) xx

  2. looks like you had a fab time! gutted i couldn’t make it out of bed to join you all was so looking forward to it! x

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