February Half Term 2020!

February Half Term 2020!

February half term signals exactly half way through the academic year and wow I’m struggling to wonder how this has happened so fast? For Jonny it means he is half way to becoming a qualified teacher and for the big kiddos, who I swear have just started year 4 and year 6, it means that they are growing up like as if in a race. I don’t like it at all. This school holiday also marks us being in our little village in Norfolk for four whole years which is also something I find hard to digest as I don’t think we’ve even unpacked a few of the boxes in the shed yet – because we only just moved in right?! Perhaps I should get around to sorting them out huh…

Everyone was pretty excited to be out of school for a week I can tell you. Me, Jonny AND the children. It’s felt like a long old slog since Christmas for some reason. I think the cold weather has been a bit grim and we all just needed a rest!

Raffie, thankfully, is still tiny and doesn’t go to school so for him the holidays just mean getting to be with his favourite people in the whole world, Florence and Jimmy. But… The holidays didn’t get off to the BEST start as Florence broke her arm on day one! She was rollerskating and someone else careered into her sending her tumbling and her poor little arm got broken across the wrist, BOTH bones! She was a mega trooper and Jonny said she dealt with the gas and air and pain very well when they manipulated it back into place before the plaster. LOADS of Mummy guilt for me as I was at home with the boys and I have to say I will almost certainly always regret that even though Jonny says he thinks it would have been worse if I’d been there as I’d have cried. I think you need your Mummy at times like this whether she’s weepy or not so we have to agree to disagree and the most important person is Flobo who says she didn’t mind and though she’d have liked me there, really she’d have liked us both. Anyway, on the mend now she has her war wound proudly displayed in a blue (for the moment) cast and can’t wait for her pals to sign it!

Aside from the broken bone we have had an absolute blast – as always – running here there and everywhere (despite storm Dennis scuppering a couple of our plans) and we’ve been having fun with our friends and family and generally enjoying the freedom. Florence hasn’t let the broken arm stop her with most things and I am in awe – high ropes at Roarr equalled no problem, she’s amazing! I adore having all my babes at home where they belong and planning all the lovely things for them to do. And now… Well, I don’t really want them back to school so without rushing too fast (damn it, it will) then here’s to nodding to summer when hopefully none of us will be in a plaster cast and the weather will be lovely!

Here’s some of our best bits!

A skate session for the first day – this was pre break obviously!
Even the big kids loved a bit of Gymboree – we sought solace there a few times sheltering from the rain!
Monday saw us out with Daddy at Gressenhall – it’s brilliant having him off for the holidays!
Norfolk Museums like Gressenhall always put on some arts and crafts in the holidays!
Florence just went for it left handed – she’s a super star!
Tuesday saw us having a London day out with Feed Felix Fast and co – this was us at the London Transport Museum!
We walked around the Chelsea Hospital, home of the Chelsea Pensioners and had a look in their museum!
And enjoyed some tattoo making in the art room at the National Army Museum, a long walk, a trip to the London Transport Museum, a wander past a very rain soaked Buckingham Palace and some fast food on the way home – it was great!
Buckingham Palace in the rain!
Going in for her proper cast after the temporary initial one!
She’s just been so brave throughout!
Wednesday we all went to Roarr!
Me and the baby bean!
Little Miss Dare Devil – not at all bothered that she has a broken arm!
And little Master Dare Devil – giving me a heart attack thinking there will be ANOTHER broken arm!
Thursday was a quiet day as the rain was pouring so Jimmy went trampolining with his cousin, Florence went out to lunch with Daddy and Raffie got another session at Gymboree – as well as a Costa!
On Friday we took a trip to Willows Farm while Daddy did some study. Gram joined us even though she has a cold and we had a FAB day!
It’s lambing season and they are SO sweet!
My littlest boy and I on the slides!
They LOVED the rides!
And all the other indoor activities were welcome to shelter from the cold from time to time!
Guinea pigs are always a hit!
With Jimmy especially!
But they are all rather keen!
There’s so much to do at Willows!
And Raffie and Gram had lots of fun together!
We had a sleepover weekend on Saturday with Florence going to a friend’s and our cousin coming to us as well as a friend over for a play date. Raffie desperately wanted to join in with the big boys – here he is drinking one of the freak shakes I made for the play date/sleep over! He so wanted to join in ad be with the big boys!
I took Jimmy, Raffie and their cousin Arthur out to Costa for lunch after the sleepover!
And for a jaunt around the garden centre to see the animals while Florence went to rehearsals!
After his cousin went home Jimmy said ‘It’s funny, Arthur and I were up until 2am but I don’t feel tired at all!’ Two minutes later this was the scene in the back of the car – Raffie desperately trying to wake Jimmy up for someone to play with in the car!

And now they’re back at school – BLUB! Still, only 6 weeks to the next when we will have better weather and here’s hoping for no more plaster casts on any limbs!