London Theatre Tickets!

London Theatre Tickets!

As an ex day pupil of Italia Conti I think that it’s in my blood to want to be at the theatre as much as possible and of course to bring the kiddos along with me and introduce them to all the delights live performance has to offer! Sometimes they attend performances intended just for children but I’m happy to take them to anything (as long as it’s suitable) and I know that they will always be very happy to be there just like me – I think they got the genes passed on  and now of course, the big two have started treading the boards themselves. Florence and Jimmy are both members of the Norfolk Youth Music Theatre (just as I was as a youngster) and I adore that they have a love for the theatre just as I do, I expect having been taken from being new born babies has helped! They both even love to be IN the theatre and both are part of the NYMT as well as learning instruments and dance – they go to so many classes I have to have a whole diary for them and often get in a muddle. Getting them to classes can be a pain but Music Lessons In Your Home could help so that’s something I’m looking into next!

Raffie at the theatre for the first time at only a few weeks old with his well seasoned big sister and brother!

Taking children TO the theatre to see something new is a real family experience and one which creates memories to last a lifetime. I can totally understand why people don’t do it often though as tickets can be very pricey, especially if you are looking to go to a London show. This is why you need to be in the know as to where to make those all important ticket purchases. And I’m going to give you a little nod in the right direction for this as Best Tickets will search through all the prices for you, a comparison between sellers and save you the job of doing the time consuming shopping around. They essentially shop around on your behalf and all you have to do is type in the show you’re wanting to see and they will bring up process from over 40 official ticket sales sites plus 5 resale platforms (where prices may be higher or lower than on the ticket). They will only show you tickets being sold by reputable agents and you know that you have the very best price because you have chosen it after seeing them all! Have a search on their site here to see what I’m talking about!

I’ve taken my big two to see plenty of the big London shows and thoroughly recommend it as an activity for when visiting the capital. Florence went to see Wicked when she was only 3 years old and remembers it SO clearly. Imagine that, it must be one of her earliest memories. One show we haven’t seen yet (and we DO want to go so it’s in the pipeline) is Matilda which is currently showing at The Cambridge Theatre. It’s meant to be great on tour at local theatres but EVEN better in the west end with extra special sets that are a bit of a sight to behold.

There is something magical about the theatre wherever you visit but seeing a big show in London really is something else. And it shouldn’t be a once in a lifetime experience as far as I’m concerned, it should be something that you do as much as you can because there really is nothing quite as electric as watching something being performed live – topped perhaps by being THE performer on the stage… No wonder my kiddos have followed my footsteps and want to be actors, the feeling of waiting in the wings is like nothing else.

Take children to the theatre, expose them to this wonderful art and inspire them to want to BE a part of it, that’s what I say!